Articles from periodicals for May 2015

Mir obrazovaniya- obrazovanie v mire , 2014 #3
Functions of Worldview
Integration of science and education as a paradigm of innovation development
Socio-cultural basis of deviations in the youth environment
Psycho-pedagogical preconditions of preparation of competitive graduates
Pedagogical system of formation of moral values among cadets
Development of innovative methods in economic education
Pedagogical Foundation for the prevention of suicidal behavior

Mysl, 2015 #3
Arabia – the Kingdom of the oil
The history of the EXPO

Argumenty i facty 2015, # 17
Training plus…
Wonderland education
Lessons of Singapore

Vysshee obrazovanie v Rossii, 2015 #1
Competences and learning outcomes: the presentation logic in educational programs
Future regional University in the context of the strategy of development of domestic education
Humanitarian cycle in technical education and intellectual environment
High school teacher what would it be?
Pedagogical support of professional self-determination of students in high school
About education in the modern University: changing the rules of the game
Globalization as a factor of self-development of students
Experience of introduction of innovative information technologies in the educational activity
“Rating” — the word of mobilizing or misleading?

Pedagogica, 2015 # 2
On the structure of pedagogical knowledge
Situational-environmental approach in pedagogical design
The necessity of transition to non-frontal systems training
Prevention of youth extremism in contemporary Russian society
Formatting kompetentnosti teacher using marketing technology
The individualization of education as a way to implement academic freedoms of students
Problems multiculturalism in education EU

Mir obrazovaniya- obrazovanie v mire, 2015 #4
The program of development of psychological competence of the head
Moral culture of personality as a system of morality
Moral orientation as a psychosocial phenomenon of the modern understanding

Rector vuza, 2015 #1
Marina Borovskaya “In the new century of the history of SFU will prepare the world scientifically — educational elite”
The formation of the human resource base of the modern economy
Dmitry Livanov: “In Russia is formed a new structure of higher education”
To the question about the quality of education: theory and practice
Specialized employment of graduates: international experience and domestic practice
On questions of our readers responds L. V. Frantsuzova, lawyer, High school teacher of Economics and service

Universitetskaya kniga, 2015 # 4
Leading universities of Russia and the USA will develop a network partnerships
BRICS in the search for an objective ranking of universities

Alma mater, 2015 # 3
“The worldwide CDIO initiative” in Russian education
About the experience of quantitative evaluation of teacher effectiveness in Saratov national Research University

Gaming technology in training future teachers
About the quality of education at the University
Methodological aspects of tolerance as an element of integrative and axiological basis of social competence
Productive technology government of foreign language education in Higher education
Internationalization of education: from theory to practice
The professionalism of the officer organizational and pedagogical management development
The goals and objectives of educational activity of students

Rector vuza, 2015 #3
Economic and organizational risks of the project “5-100”
Everything goes according to Hirsch
Exam technique Worldskills
We form the world’s elite!
Theory, my friend,or about the practice seriously
About University autonomy and the struggle for it in the 19 century
The results of the contest “Professional high school 2014”