The Department of «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits»

The Institute of Mines is one the most stable institutes in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Improving the quality of training of engineers has been and remains a priority group of the Mining Institute. Continuous improvement of the educational process in tandem with a high school science, the use of modern advanced technology training, computerization of the educational process and its management, promote the training of highly qualified engineers in Central Kazakhstan and other regions of the country. It opens up great prospects for its further development are prerequisites for the opening of new engineering, flexible and rapid response to market demand for engineering personnel, expanding opportunities for enhancing creative collaboration with universities, companies, academic and industrial research institutes to improve the efficiency of scientific research.

Currently Mountain Institute is one of the leaders in their field of research and education centers in Kazakhstan. It trains more than 1200 students in preparing bachelors and masters in two areas: Profile, scientific and pedagogical. To improve the training of teachers and staff, it is open to postgraduate and doctoral studies. The training is conducted at the state and Russian languages and it is carried out in the credit technology for multi-tier system:

At the undergraduate specialties:
5B070100 – Biotechnology
5B070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits
5B070700 – Mining
5B071100 – Geodesy and Cartography
5B072100 – Chemical technology of organic substances
5B072400 – Technological machinery and equipment (by industry)
5B073100 – Health, safety and environment protection
5B073700 – Minerals Processing

In the master’s specialties:
6M070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits
6M070700 – Mining
6M071100 – Geodesy
6M072400 – Technological machinery and equipment (by industry)
6M073100 – Health safety and environmental protection
6M074100 – Cartography
6M074700 – Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits
6M074900 – Mine surveying

In Ph.D doctoral studies in specialties: 6D070700 – Mining

The institute has created all necessary conditions to develop the best engineering talent capable of ensuring economic growth, cultural stability, security, and prosperity of the independent Kazakhstan. All functions of the Mining Institute are focused on a profession that is needed today and will be in demand in the future. Among the graduates of the Institute – outstanding scholars, leaders of various businesses, and advanced manufacturing workers – figures whose work and expertise have made an enormous contribution to the establishment and development of an independent state – the Republic of Kazakhstan.