Department of «Physics»

The main goal of the department of physics is to provide educational services to justify the expectation of consumers. The mission of the department is to ensure the transfer of knowledge and experience to enable student to prepare for high-performance work for the implementation of innovations in science, engineering and technology.

In the process of achieving the main goal of seven strategic directions are implemented.

The purpose of the strategic direction of “Improving the system of training specialists in the field of engineering” are: – Providing industry with qualified personnel that meet the needs of society.

The objectives of the strategic direction, “Improving the quality of the faculty” are:

– preparation of academic mobility of teachers of the new formation in areas of training chairs, motivated in continuing education and self-education and professional in dealing with scientific and practical activities;

– strengthening of human capacity through training and professional development of teaching staff.

The objectives of the strategic direction of “Innovative Development of teaching work” are:

-introduction of an integrated strategy, problem-based learning and new methods to assess knowledge and skills;

– improving the quality of education through the introduction of modern technologies, development of international cooperation in the field of technical education;

– provision of support and advice to students.

The purpose of the strategic direction of “Enhancing the competitiveness and expansion of educational services” is to create competitive intellectual capacity building in engineering and technology-based solution to the problems of advanced development priorities of the region and country: biotechnology, technology for the mining and metallurgical sector and related service industries , information and space technologies.

The objectives of the strategic direction of “Improving research and development” is the development of science based on fundamental and applied research and engineering developments in biotechnology, technology and equipment for mining and metallurgical industry, construction technology, transportation technology, mechanical engineering, automation, power generation, information technology.

The objectives of the strategic direction of “Strengthening and development of material-technical base of the university” are: – Creation and development of new and continually updated scientific and experimental, educational methods and technology base; – Improvement of equipping classrooms, inter-chair of research laboratories; – Improving the living conditions of students in the dormitory; – The creation of educational and research laboratories at the enterprises of the Consortium “Corporate University”.