Editorial and Publishing Department

University Publishing Activities 

The ongoing social and economic reforms in the country increased the requirements for modern University publishing houses, defining for them the role of cultural and creative centers of the third millennium that can improve the efficiency of the educational process and the quality of university publishing.

The University administration has done a great job in order to raise the publishing activity to a new level. The tasks of the publishing department have changed and become more complicated: in fact, it has turned into a universal publishing house with a developed system of publishing educational and methodological and scientific literature based on new computer technologies. The University has all the conditions for each teacher to develop and publish a course of lectures, laboratory workshops, guidelines for practical exercises, electronic publications and other materials necessary for the educational process.

Today the University has a powerful printing base that allows carrying out all production and technical operations associated with issuing books. At present new technologies of high-speed full-color printing are mastered

The intensive development of our University required modern approaches to the publication of educational and scientific literature. Year by year, the number and volume of our production grow.

Every year the stocks of the University library are replenished with publications in the state language. The problem of providing the educational process with literature in the Kazakh language is given special attention. In 2016-2018 there were published 1221 works with the total volume of 4,912.6 pages including 73 monographs, 34 textbooks, 16 of them with the stamp of the RK MES.

The priority in exercising the publishing rights at the University is ensuring a high scientific and methodological level and quality of the published products. To this end, according to the decision of the Academic Council, the University established the Editorial and Publishing Board (EPB), which members examine and give a qualified and objective conclusion on the compliance of the submitted materials with the obligatory educational standards of specialties and the curriculum of the discipline, as well as the requirements to the structure and methodological apparatus of publications.

Since 2000 the University has published the scientific journal “University Proceedings included by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the list of scientific journals recommended by the CCES of Kazakhstan for publishing the results of scientific activities. In addition, since 1998 the University has published the scientific and technical journal Automation. Informatics, where advanced and foreign experience in the development and implementation of information systems, hardware and software systems and automation tools are widely represented.

It has become a tradition to publish annually student scientific and practical  conferences materials held on the basis of our University. The e-learning data bank is constantly growing.

Today the University publishing house continues its fruitful work aimed at providing the educational process with the necessary high-quality educational and methodological literature that meets the requirements of modern state standards of university publishing.