Mechanical Engineering faculty

Departments of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a large faculty at the Abylkas Saginov University, after Mining and Information Technology, with more than 1,000 full–time students and provides training in 5 educational programs, 5 master’s degree programs and 2 PhD doctoral programs. According to the results of the National Rating – 2022, the educational programs 6B07104 “Mechanical Engineering” and 6B07204 “Metallurgy” took 1st place, and the specialties 6B07103 “Materials Science and technology of new materials” and 6B07111 “Technological machines and equipment” took 2nd place in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Digital technologies have become an integral part of the modern world and have a huge potential for the successful implementation of higher education. Since 2019, the faculty has been preparing students for the innovative educational program 6B07105 “Digital technologies in mechanical engineering“.

The faculty consists of 2 graduate departments: “Technological Equipment, Mechanical Engineering and Standardization“, “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy“, the general education Department “Foreign Languages“, the Kazakhstan Institute of Welding and the Kazakh-Belarusian Center for Mechanical Engineering. Educational activities are carried out by 102 teachers, including 7 doctors of sciences, 13 doctors of Philosophy PhD, 22 candidates of sciences, 22 holders of the State grant “The best university teacher”.

Considering that for the successful digital transformation of higher education it is necessary to move from traditional educational models to active teaching methods with an emphasis on project activities, the faculty’s teaching staff uses innovative teaching methods in the educational process, relying on modern laboratory equipment. Project-based learning allows students to apply their acquired knowledge in practice, develop creative thinking, team skills and the ability to solve complex problems, which are essential qualities of a modern graduate.

At the end of the year, in the competition “The Best Faculty” of the Abylkas Saginov University, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has repeatedly won prizes in recent years (since 2011). All educational programs of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies in 2022 passed international accreditation with the ASIIN agency (Germany) with the assignment of the European quality mark..

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Based on many years of experience, and at the same time constantly developing, our faculty today represents a fusion of experience and innovation. Our students receive fundamental education in the field of mechanical engineering, metallurgy and standardization. We provide elite technical education, which will provide our graduates with guaranteed employment and rapid career growth!

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