Mechanical Engineering faculty


Training of specialists in the Mechanical Engineering faculty is carried out within the framework of the credit technology for multi-level system:

  • Bachelor;
  • Master’s degree;
  • Doctorate PhD.

Bachelors study on four specialties:

  • 5B012000 «Профессиональное обучение»
  • 5B010400 «Начальная военная подготовка»
  • 5B070900 “Metallurgy”
  • 5B071000 “Materials studying and new materials technology”
  • 5B071200 “Mechanical Engineering”
  • 5B073200 “Standardization and certification (by branch)”
  • 5B072400 – “Technological machinery and equipment”

Masters’ program includes:

  • 6M012000 «Профессиональное обучение»
  • 6M070900 “Metallurgy”
  • 6M071000 “Materials studying and new materials technology”
  • 6M071200 “Mechanical Engineering”
  • 6M073200 “Standardization and Certification (by branch)”
  • 6M075000 “Metrology”
  • 6M072400 – “Technological machinery and equipment”

Doctors’ program includes:

  • 6D071200 – “Mechanical Engineering”
  • 6D070900 – “Metallurgy”