Educational programs

Mechanical Engineering faculty

Educational programs at all levels of study — Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees

The training of specialists at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is carried out within the framework of credit technology according to a multi-level system:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Master’s degree program;
  • PhD doctoral program.

Bachelor’s degree in educational programs:

  • 6B07204 “Metallurgy
  • 6B07103 “Materials science and technology of new materials
  • 6B07104 “Mechanical Engineering
  • 6B07105 “Digital technologies in mechanical engineering
  • 6B07501 “Standardization and certification (by industry)”
  • 6B07111 “Technological machines and equipment

In the Master’s degree in educational programs::

  • 6M070900 «Metallurgy»
  • 6M071000 «Materials Science and technology of new materials»
  • 6M071200 «Mechanical Engineering»
  • 6M073200 « Standardization and certification (by industry)»
  • 6M072400 « Technological machines and equipment»

In the Ph.D. program.D for educational programs:

  • 6D071200 – « Mechanical engineering»
  • 6D070900 — « Metallurgy»