Educational and methodological association – project management groups of the Republican educational and methodical council under Abylkas Saginov KarTU

Academic-methodological association of universities at KTU was established by order of MES of RK № 367 from 31 July 2009, according to which the Karaganda State Technical University was approved as the Head institution:

8 majors of bachelor’s program:

  1. 5В070700-Mining;
    2. 5В071200-Machine Engineering;
    3. 5В071600-Instrument engineering;
    4. 5В072400-Technological machines and equipment (by fields);
    5. 5В073100-Safety and protection of environment;
    6. 5В073200-Standardization, certification (by fields);
    7. 5В075000-Metrology;
    8. 5В100100–Fire security.

10 majors of master’s program:

  1. 6М070700-Mining;
    2. 6М071200-Machine Engineering;
    3. 6М071600-Instrument Engineering;
    4. 6М072400-Technological machines and Equipment (by fields);
    5. 6М073100- Safety and protection of environment;
    6. 6М073200- Standardization, certification (by fields);
    7. 6М074700-Geophysical methods of search and development of mineral resources;
    8. 6М074900-Mine surveying;
    9. 6М075000-Меtrology;
    10. 6М100100-Fire security.

10 majors of Ph.D program:

  1. 6D070700-Mining;
    2. 6D071200-Machine Engineering;
    3. 6D071600-Instrument Engineering;
    4. 6D072400-Technological machines and equipment (by fields);
    5. 6D073100- Safety and protection of environment;
    6. 6D073200- Standardization, certification;
    7. 6D074700- Geophysical methods of search and development of mineral resources;
  2. 6D074900-Mine surveying;
    9. 6D075000-Metrology;
    10. 6D100100-Fire safety.

AMA at KTU is guided by the regulations of activity of educational organizations of the higher educational institutions (order of the Minister of Education and Science of RK dated 14.01.2011 № 14, with amendments and supplements as of 16.10.2014).

The main directions of the activity are:

— supporting cooperation and coordination of academic-methodological work of universities, leading training of personnel in related specialties;

— preparation of recommendations for improving of SES of higher and postgraduate education;

— preparation of recommendations for amendments to the Classifier of specialties of higher and postgraduate education based on the needs of the labour market and social demand of the society;

— development of Standard academic program on specialties in accordance with the requirements of SES of higher and postgraduate education;

— development of Standard academic program of disciplines of the compulsory component in accordance with the requests of employers;

— holding of expertise of developed Standard academic program and taking measures for their timely approval by the authorized body;

— providing universities with Standard academic porgram in the field of higher and postgraduate education;

— providing universities with Standard academic porgram of disciplines of an obligatory component;

— determining of SAP compulsory disciplines cost in coordination with the RAMS

— carrying out security monitoring of specialties of higher and postgraduate education with textbooks and teaching aids;

—review of prepared manuscripts of textbooks and teaching aids for publication;

— preparation of recommendations on formation of the list of textbooks and methodical literature allowed to use in academic process of higher and postgraduate education of the Ministry;

— development of test materials to the list of disciplines for state certification of universities of RK in the context of undergraduate, assigned to the AMA of universities at KTU, and WPO;

— development of recommendations for the improvement of academic process, introduction of innovative technologies of training and control of knowledge, development of multilingual education, distance technologies and dual training system;

— facilitate to the implementation of the development and implementation program of the state language in higher educational institutions in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

— generalization and dissemination of advanced experience of designing academic programs of higher education in the format of a competence model of a graduate based on pairing of the professional and educational standards;

— participation in the development of proposals on training and retraining of teaching staff;

— participation in accreditation of institutions and programs of higher and postgraduate education;

— participation in the development and examination of draft normative-legal documents on development of higher and postgraduate education;

— analysis of the main trends in the development of Bologna process in Kazakhstan (multilevel training of specialists, provision of comparable quality, competency-building approach, social partnership institution-production);

— development of science-based and organizational-methodical recommendations on the effective occurrence of the higher technical school in the Bologna process taking into account the main directions of the State program of education development RK for 2011-2020 and SPIID-2;

— promotion to integration into the world educational space by expanding of educational and methodological contacts with the professional public and educational organizations;

— analysis of trends in higher engineering education in Kazakhstan and definition of the conceptual frameworks of structural-parametric quality model in the format of the competence approach;

— development of social partnership mechanism of higher education and the business community in the context of the development of the national qualifications system and the formation of the qualification requirements in the format of competences;

— implementation of the pilot project ‘Bachelor of industrial areas’ in the system of higher ICT education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including on the basis of KTU on specialties: 5V070200 ‘Automation and control’ and 5B070400 ‘Computers and software’.