Department of «Russian language and culture»

The Department of Russian language and culture is an educational and scientific structural unit of the Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University which carries out educational, methodological, research and educational work.
The purpose of the department is to train highly qualified specialists, improve the quality of knowledge, educational and methodological provision, introduce modern computer technologies, as well as conduct a scientific and methodological seminar, ensure the growth of scientific activities of the stuff and attract more students to participate in research activities.
A fruitful combination of research work with pedagogical activity has distinguished the Department of the Russian language and culture since its foundation. The key to successfully solving the main directions in teaching the Russian language is the constant scientific search for the most intensive and innovative forms of work.
The experience of the department shows that the study of the Russian language in a technical university determines the development of the theoretical base and thus contributes to the deepening of students’ knowledge of the Russian language.
The development strategy of the department is connected with the general direction of modernization of modern vocational education – the creation of optimal conditions for the development of the needs and abilities of the future specialist’s personality to independently acquire knowledge and skills, continuous education and professional self-education.
The main criterion for the success the Department of Russian language and culture is the readiness of teachers to implement educational standards in modern conditions.