Department of «Russian language and culture»

Russian language and culture is an educational and scientific structural unit of KSTU conducting educational, methodical and scientific research. It provides training of the teaching staff and improves their skills through master classes, open classes, educational work among the students and the training of highly qualified specialists.

The aim of the department is to improve student performance and growth of the quality of knowledge, improvement of training and methodological support, the introduction of modern computer technology, and conduct linguistic workshop, ensuring the growth of scientific activity faculty, students increase the number of publications of the contest on the best knowledge of the Russian language and culture, the increase in the number of students participating in cultural events, and participation in advocacy at the University to attract students to the university.
The main perspectives of the department “Russian language and culture” are to improve the quality of the learning process through the introduction of innovative training, growth of scientific activity of teaching staff and faculty training, implementation of the principles of the Bologna process, to ensure increased participation of students in research, improvement of the educational process, based on the model of patriotic education of the example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.