Kazakhstan Welding Institute

(TOTAL company project)


Acceptance of documents for training International engineers IWE, IWT technologists and specialists IWS welding


In October of 2015. in the Kazakhstan welding Institute began classes in the Module 3 courses of the international welding engineer. October 22, passed the exam on Module 3, and November 20 will be the exam for Module 4. Classes this year are conducted by certified teachers Kazys Bartenev I. A., Bochenin V. I., Kwon C. S., Akhmetbekov M. M. and Zhuravlev, N. And. For practical training this year received automatic welding machine with CNC A21 PRB (ESAB Sweden) for welding in shielding gases and welding auto carriage CS-100c Butt/Fillet Weaving of South Korea production.


Practical course in pulse-arc welding


Welding automatic numerical divice A21 PRB


At the Kazakhstan Institute of welding the first phase of the training course “International Welding Engineer-2014”, which was held from 7th April to 22th  May. Modules 1 and 2 are studied and successfully completed of the 2 exam. Second group of  students IWE are19 welding production specialists from oil and gas companies and their contractors from all over Kazakhstan. This year, all the classes have certified teachers KSTU Bartenev I.A., Bochenin V.I., Akhmetbekov M.T. and Zhuravlev N.I. under the supervision of the teachers Institute of welding France J.-P. Godin and G. Hance. French experts praised the good quality of lectures and practical exercises, the material basis of the Kazakhstan Institute of welding and methodical providing of courses. The second phase of training for Modules 3 and 4 will take place in October-November 2014.


 Exam on Module 2 on courses “International welding engineer”


 Excursion at Karaganda steel plant


 Practical exercises for automatic welding 



Consultation of the teacher of Welding Institute of France

Professor Jean-Paul Godina

April 6, 2013 in  KSTUwalls was held a grand opening of

“International Welding Engineer” courses

with the participation of foreign guests, investors, and government officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Выступление Ректора КарГТУ А.М. Газалиева на открытии курсов "Международный инженер по сварке"

Выступление Директора Казахстанского Института Сварки, заведующего кафедрой "Сварочного и литейного производства" И.А. Бартенева
Speech of Director of Kazakhstan Weldind Institute, Head of Weding and Foundry Department Igor Bartenev

DSC00341 DSC00338 DSC00349

Практические занятия слушателей курсов "Международный инженер по сварке"
Practical studies of  “International Welding Engineer”course participants
Первый экзамен слушателей курсов "Международный инженер по сварке"
The first exam of “International Welding Engineer” course participants
Экзаменационная комиссия модуля "Международный инженер по сварке"
The Board of Examiners of the “International Welding Engineer”module
left side – professor of EKSTU Lopuchov Yurii, right side – Welding and Foundry Department docent Bochenin Vladimir

Trainers from France Welding Institute train with translation on Russian language.

Till 1 March of 2013 continue to enroll for courses on the program of the International Institute of Welding will start

“International Welder”

Duration of training – 2 months

After successful completion of the course candidates will receive an international certificate, which is recognized in the 56  countries-member of the International Institute of Welding.

Additional information is available at:

8 7212 78 88 50

+7 701 3413134

e- mail: igor_svar@mail.ru



SRI “Kazakhstan Welding Institute”

«Welding belongs to the great future»

Academic E.O. Paton




Dear managers of enterprises and welding engineers!

I would like to inform you about establishment Kazakhstan Welding Institute on the basis of  KSTU. This project was initiated by the french company «TOTAL E & P Kazakhstan», and was implemented by a resolution, adopted on 4 December 2009 at the 22nd session of the Foreign Investors Council under the RK President, with the direct support of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of FranceNicolas Sarkozy.

The purpose of the project – is training of international level specialists and transfer of modern welding technology in the oil industry and the industry.

In July 2011, on the General Assembly of the International Institute of Welding in Chennai (India), the Republic of Kazakhstan, represented by KSTU (Kazakhstan Welding Institute), was unanimously adopted by a full member of the International Institute of Welding.

Currently Kazakhstan Institute of Welding based on KSTU is a modern educational and technical training complex of welding engineers. The complex is located in a separate building, area is about ​​700 m2 and is equipped with the newest welding equipment from the USA, Sweden, Finland and Italy. The complex is completely equipped with the necessary multimedia equipment and teaching materials. Welding Institute staff consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in both research and practical work in the area of welding engineering.

In 2012, on a pilot project of Welding Institute of France, with the support of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, MES, an oil company «TOTAL E & P» based on Kazakhstan Institute of Welding (KSTU), begin to organize a training center to free train international welding engineers.

Two categories of participants are taken to study. The first category consists participants based on secondary  education, with experience in the welding industry. The second category is aimed at participants who have a higher technical education in any direction.

The first category of listeners after training will receive an “International welder” diploma. The second category will receive an “International Welding Engineer” diploma. Both types of diplomas are recognized without further proof in all the countries-members of the International Institute of Welding (55 countries). This will enable for this center graduates to work in any domestic or foreign companies on the territory of our country, and also outside.

All expenses related with the training, accommodation and travel (for foreign listeners, as well as scholarship during training, are paid for by resources subsoil users.

In this case, please send a list of expected listeners of the Centre with their personal information (name, IIN, address, phone number or e-mail), and inform others of your employees about unique opportunity to improve their skills or get new specialty in the training the center of the Kazakhstan Welding Institute at KSTU.

I would be very grateful for your participation in the organization of the training center of International Welding Specialist (IWE, IW).

Best wishes, 

Rector, Academic of National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan,

A.M. Gazaliev

Kazakhstan Welding Institute

In the 1950′s and in the beginings of 1960′s  a number of principally new welding techniques has been invented, which greatly expanded the possibilities of welding and provided a better connection of new construction materials with thickness from a few microns up to 2 meters, and join parts of many different metals . In 1969,welding experiments were carried in space out, and in 1984 welding in space was performed. This is great merit of Soviet scientists and engineers.

In Kazakhstan in the 60-70′s of the last century machine-building plants in Karaganda, Almaty, Tselinograd, Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar, and factories producing steelconstruction have been widely applied automatically methods of arc, contact and electroslag welding. Manual welding almost was broken by semi-automatic welding in shielding gases.

Karaganda State Technical University (early was the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute) since 1965 has trained engineers in the specialty “Equipment and Welding Technology”, and since 2004 – a bachelor’s trajectory “Equipment and Welding Technology”, combined in specialties frame “mechanical engineering. “

Over the years were produced more than 2,500 experts in welding, working on engineering plants, construction of various industrial facilities, steel plants at all, in the construction of pipelines, such as in big companies as LLP «ERSAI», «Neftestroiservis”, JSC “Arcelor Temirtau “, JSC” Kazakhmys “, LLP” Montazhspetsstroy “, JSC” IMSTALCON “, JSC” locomotive-assembly plant, “as well as many energy and metallurgical enterprises of Kazakhstan, Russia, near abroad and other foreign countries.

For 40 years  been a number of fundamental and applied research of welding processes and a large volume of contractual works for enterprises on electric arc and electroslag surfacing, on plasma surfacing, on modulated current welding, on magnetic inspection of weldinf joints. Department staff is the authors of more than 30 inventions and more than 300 articles in the field of welding technology. Were organized and hosted 14 international and republic scientific-technical conferences on welding and non-destructive testing.  Was Constantly were established  scientific links with major research centers such as Paton Welding Institute,  Ukraine, Bauman MSTU.  In recent years started cooperation with Kirov USTU and Tomsk Polytechnic University.

In 2011 Head Welding Certification Center, created by KarSTU,  started a training and qualification of specialests of welding production on levels III and IV according to the new rules of certification of welders and welding engineers Kazakhstan, developed with the active participation of the head of Welding Department  IA Bartenev

In previous years at University were repeatedly run courses on training of workers to welding technologies, and also refresher courses for specialists of the enterprises and teachers of vocational schools.

The university has educational welding laboratory in the area of 600 sq.m with 9 specialized rooms to separate study welding disciplines and with two educational classes on 60 places.  Now a process of updating of the welding equipment in this laboratory passes. For the last three years 9 modern devices for welding and plazma cutting are received.

In the 1st quarter of 2010 from Mangistau area ERSAI LLP and Welding Technologies LLP from Atyrau for training center “Welding” were transferred 8 units of the latest welding equipment of production of world famous companies “ESAB” (Sweden), «KEMPPI» (Finland), “LINCOLN ELECTRIC” (USA) in the sum about 4 million tenges.

From «ERSAI» are got the mobile filtro-ventilating unit SOVPLIM EMK-1600  (Russia – Sweden), PSF 31B5 CLD ESAB and RAB Plus 25K BINZEL torches for welding in the environment of protective gases with an extract of welding aerosols and a smoke through a torch. There is a device Multiplaz-2500 for welding, rations with water use as working liquid are sharp also. In 2011 also from «ERSAI» the specialized device for welding of pipes of STT II is received, and in 2012 KARGTU bought 3 specialized tables of the welder SSM-1200 with fans and filters of purification of air from a welding smoke.

There obtained movable, filter-ventilating installation ЕМК–1600  «SOVPLIM» (Russia – Sweden), torches PSF 31B5 CLD ESAB and RAB Plus 25K BINZEL for welding in the field of protective gases with extraction of welding fumes and smoke from the burner from “ERSAI”. There is instrument Multiplaz-2500 for welding, cutting and brazing with using water as working fluid. In 2011 there also was obtained specialized device for welding pipes STT II from “ERSAI”, in 2012 KSTU bought 3 specialized tables for welders CCM-1200 with fan and filters for air purification from the welding smoke.

There’s used low-amperage arc simulator of welder for initial training of students to skills of carrying manual arc welding, argon-arc welding and semi-automatic welding in the field of protective gases and also for research of regimes of arc welding on low-amperage model of arc. It’s possible to hold research modern high-performance and ecologically clean welding technologies on new equipment. The composition of this equipment is unique for all Kazakhstan that allow teaching students from KSTU and college, specialists and workers from various enterprises. In further equipping of laboratories with the modern electronic measuring instruments and microscopes will be conducted complex researches on the high scientific level. On example of the advanced welding technologies and the latest equipment it’s also possible to teach specialists on Industrial Ecology.

There is also a big subject auditorium for 60 places with the modern multimedia equipment for conducting lectures, conferences and presentation on welding science and technique.

Teaching staff of welding disciplines consists of 8 people: 4 candidates of engineering sciences, associate professor with pedagogical experience of 20-40 years, 1 senior lecturer with high technical and pedagogical education and 3 teachers with academic degree of Master.

Three of them hold classes in state language (1 associate professor, 1 senior teacher and 1 master).

December4, 2009 on the 22nd meeting of Foreign Investors Board by President of the RK by decisions of President of Kazakhstan and France N.A.Nazarbayev and Nicolas Sarkozy was requested to establish in Kazakhstan jointly with French company “TOTAL E&P” National Welding Institute for training specialists of international level and transfer of modern technologies of welding in oil-gas field and industry.

Together with representatives of company “TOTAL E&P” and Welding Institute of France was held a number of meetings in MES RK and in Ministry of oil and gas of the RK. As a result of the big work on s

tudying welding production in Kazakhstan and training of personnel in October, 2010 on the base of Welding department of KSTU was established Kazakhstan Welding Institute which has no analogues in our country.

Kazakhstan Welding Institute at KSTU has unique material base of welding equipment, qualified pedagogical staff and 45-year experience of many-level training of specialists of welding production. Jointly with Welding Institute of France and TOTAL Company in March, 2011 was prepared documentation and given application for participation in International Welding Institute. In July, 2011 on General Assembly of International Welding Institute in Chennai (India) Republic of Kazakhstan which was presented by KSTU (Kazakhstan Welding Institute) was unanimously accepted fully-fledged member of International Welding Institute.


In 2012 by pilot project of Welding Institute of France and Kazakhstan Welding Institute at KSTU was begun work on organization of educational centre on training of high-qualified specialists of oil-gas sector. It’s supposed that training of specialists of different level –from workers to engineers, with issuance of diplomas of international sample. This diploma is acknowledged

without any additional confirmation of all countries-members of International Association of welders (55 countries).

It will give opport

unity for centre’s graduates to work in any local or foreign company as on territory of our country and also outside.

Scientific directions of Kazakhstan Welding Institute are:

1) Electroslag hard –facing large-grain gear;

2) Plasma-jet hard-facing of high allo


3) Calculation of residual voltage and deformations in welding constructions;

4) Research of ecologically clean welding technologies.

5) Hard-facing by combined doped material.


Prospects of development

KazakhstanWelding In

situte is oriented on the following directions of activity:

-developments and researches  for the benefit of Kazakhstan’s industry;

-professional education and attestation of welding personnel of all levels and qualifications on programmes of International Welding Institute;

-engineering –technical works an

d services on implementation of modern welding equipment, technologies and materials;

-non-destructive control and diagnostics of welding constructions.


Kazakhstan Welding Institute is based on equipment of educational centre “Welding” at KSTU with specialized scientific and educational base on training and professional development of specialists of welding production. Kazakhstan Welding Institute deals with educational and training centres by Kazakhstan on training of high-qualified welders and instructors on welding, also enterprises of welding production on implementation of innovative welding technologies.

In March, 2011 with participation of KSTU and Kazakhstan Welding Institute of welding was established Kazakhstan Welding Association Kaz-Weld, which unites enterprises and educational centres on training high-qualified welders.



Expected results

Presentation of Kazakhstan in Int
Presentation of International Welding Institute in Kazakhstan;ernational Welding Institute;

Association of all organizations and representatives of welding field;

Carrying out of training and retraining of personnel on programmes of International Welding Institute: international engineer-welder, technologist –welder, welder, welding inspector, specialist on welding.

Courses “International engineer on welding” and “International worker-welder”.