Department of ”Economics of the enterprise”

Department «Economy of Enterprise» is a department which offers a degree programme. It provides learning in a modern two – stage model of education «Bachelor – Master».”

The aim of the department “Enterprise Economy” is to provide a high level of bachelor specialties 5B050600 “Economics” 5B050800 “Accounting and auditing” and 5V090800 “Assessment”, Master s degree 6M050600 “Economy” that meet modern standards.

The task of the department “Economics of Enterprise” is to provide quality education that meets world standards.

The department uses leading scientific and educational achievements in educational process, in university preparation, increasing the quality of education, stimulating creativity of lecturers in instructional and organizational work.

Prospects for development of the department “Economics of Enterprise” are to improve the quality of the learning process through the introduction of advanced innovative learning, growth, research and teaching skills, implementing the principles of the Bologna process, to ensure increased participation of students in scientific research, improving the educational process.

Also one of the prospects of the department is part of the teaching staff in the development and publication of complex scientific and educational materials (monographs, textbooks, manuals, guidelines, manuals, scientific articles), treated as a distribution in Kazakhstan and in the near abroad.

The department realizes patriotic education on the example of the First President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev developed by the unique model of University.