Methane energy laboratory

Opening of methane energy laboratory

Main directions of methane energy laboratory




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The methane energy testing laboratory regularly conducts excursions for students and undergraduates of various specialties. Students get the opportunity to see the test and analysis process with their own eyes, observe the work of operators and get acquainted with the principle of operation of modern high-tech equipment. This usually provokes a lively response among the younger generation and stimulates interest in research activities. During these excursions, future industrialists and researchers ask a lot of questions and reflect on what modern problems can be solved with the help of the facilities of our laboratory. We remind you, friends, that here you can carry out your research projects!

Methane Energy Laboratory of the mining and metallurgical complex was created by the order of MES RoK № 278 from 14.04.2016 under leadership of the Director of STC “Methane”, academician of KazNANS, Doctor of technical, science, professor of Mining department Nikolay Alexandrovich Drizhd