Main directions of methane energy laboratory

1. A full range of research of gas-bearing coal seams and host rocks in the conduct of exploration work with coring from wells by American-Australian method wells.

  • Stripping method for determining the gas content (cans-test);
  • Complex laboratory tests for gas-bearing of coal seams and surrounding rocks;
  • Analysis of recovered gas for determining  CO2, O2, H2, N2, CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10.

2. Performance of non-contact, the rapid, simultaneous quantification of a large number of elements over a wide concentration range with acceptable accuracy using a small sample mass.

  • The content of microelements in coal (As, Ga, Ge, F, Cl, Se, Cd), as well as heavy metals.

3. Technical analysis of coal (humidity, ash content, weight and volumetric Технический анализ углей (влага, зольность, weight and volumetric yield of volatile substance, combustion heat).

4. Environmental monitoring (water, air, soil).