Main scientific directions

  1. Mining and Geosciences
  2. Metallurgy
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Automation and control. Robotics. Mechatronics
  5. Energy
  6. Information and communication technologies
  7. Construction
  8. Transport
  9. Economics and Management
  10. Social and pedagogical sciences
  11. Fundamental sciences

The main priority in the activities of the Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University is productive cooperation with the leading enterprises of the region in training specialists and introducing R&D into production based on digital technologies and elements of “Industry 4.0”.

Special attention in the scientific activity of the university is paid to the development of international cooperation. Currently, joint projects are being carried out with the Technical University (Kosice, Slovakia), the University of Lorraine (Metz, Nancy, France), Gedeminas Vilnius Technical University. (Vilnius, Lithuania), Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, (Russian Federation) and a number of other leading technical and technological universities in the world.

Scientific conferences are held annually at the university, of which the most significant are:

  • International Scientific and Practical Conference «Integration of science, education and production – the basis for the implementation of the National Plan» (Saginov readings);
  • Republican Student Conference «Contribution of youth science to the implementation of the Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050»;

The University publishes three republican scientific journals: «Proceedings of the University», «Automation and Computer Science», «Material and Mechanical Engineering Technology».