Department of strategic development

Governance Strategic Development and Partnership
Center for Quality Management and Accreditation
International cooperation Department
Center for Public Relations and Rating

Strategic Development Department was created in accordance with the Charter of the University on the basis of decisions of the Academic Council of KTU protocol №7 from 01.12.2017.

The main objective of the Strategic Development Department is to define the strategic directions of development of the university, to ensure student participation in national and international ranking systems, preparation for accreditation of the university and educational programs, software quality of educational services, the expansion of cooperation with international and national organizations, universities and enterprises.

Strategic Development Department reports on the strategic development of the vice-chancellor and cooperates with all structural subdivisions of KTU.

The structure of the department of strategic development include“Office of Strategic Development and Partnership”,“Center for Quality Management and Accreditation”,“International cooperation Department”, performing the activities of the Department in accordance with the established areas.