Center of postgraduate training

ПЕРЕЧЕНЬ ПРЕРЕКВИЗИТОВ, необходимых для освоения ОП магистратуры на 2023-2024 учебный год

Centre of post-graduate training is guided by Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in its work.

Documents, on the base of which Centre of post-graduate training organizes its activity:

Laws of the RK “About education”, “About science”, orders, resolutions, instructions of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan; GOSO RK 5.04.033-2011 “Post-graduate education. Master course. Main regulations”; GOSO RK 5.04.034-2011 “Post-graduate education. Doctoral candidacy. Main regulations”; typical rules of holding current control of academic progress, transitional and final attestation of students in higher education institutions; List of accordance of PhD doctoral candidacy’s specialties, Specialties Classifier of higher and post-graduate education of the RK with Nomenclature of specialties of scientific staff, orders, instructions of the rector.

Main objects of the CPGT are:

-preparation of documents for getting license on opening master course and doctoral candidacy PhD;

-admission, account, organization of the academic activity of undergraduates and PhD students;

– contribution to promotion of preparation’s quality of the specialists and scientific-pedagogical staff, increase proficiency of professorial-teaching staff and scientific staff of the university.

In accordance with the main objects Centre of post-graduate training realizes following functions:

-organization of the work by intake to Master course and doctoral candidacy PhD;

– realization of the control by implementation of individual plans by undergraduates and students PhD;

– maintaining references with faculties, departments, research supervisors of undergraduates and students PhD;

-provision of the preference with MES RK and the Committee on control in education and science.