Офис регистрации

Goals and objectives of the Registrar’s Office


The Registrar’s Office (hereinafter referred to as OR) is an academic service that registers the entire history of a student’s academic achievements and ensures the organization of all types of knowledge control and the calculation of his academic rating.

In its activities, the OR tries to adhere to the following principles: student-centered learning, high-quality performance of functions, maximum transparency in work, timely completion of assigned tasks.

The purpose of the OR is to organize and monitor the educational process of the University in the conditions of the credit system of education.

To achieve this goal, the Registrar’s Office performs the following functions:

  • makes registration of students for academic disciplines;
  • together with the dean’s offices and the Office of the Organization of the Educational Process, forms academic groups and streams;
  • registers, in accordance with the established procedure, individual curricula of students;
  • together with the dean’s offices and the Office of the Organization of the Educational Process, organizes and conducts intermediate and final certification of students;
  • calculates the academic rating of students for the semester, academic year and the entire period of study;
  • keeps a record of the students’ earned credits during the entire period of study and for the entire period of study;
  • forms a transcript of students;
  • provides information support for academic mobility.



Dyusekeeva Almagul Tarbiyevna – Head of the Registrar's Office
Колоскова Наталья Владимировна – офис-регистратор КарТУ
Медеубаева Дана Ардаққызы – офис-регистратор КарТУ
Shaikhina Nursulu Toleugaziyevna – office registrar
Kaztayeva Saltanat Khamitovna – office registrar
Kuanyshbekova Anar – office registrar
Sadykova Meruyert – office registrar
Shalabayeva Moldir Berikovna – office registrar
Karshalova Alima Maksatkyzy – office registrar

Контактные данные:

Адрес: 100027, Республика Казахстан, г. Караганда, пр. Нурсултана Назарбаева, 56, гл. корпус, каб. 200а, 200г

Телефоны: 8(721)256-88-08, 8(721)256-48-38

E-mail: office_kstu@kstu.kz