Department of «Architecture and design»

The department «Design, architecture and applied mechanics»  is graduating department on the specialties “Architecture” and “Design”.

One of the main aims and objectives of the department is to develop scientific research in the field of solid mechanics and its implementation to the learning process. The results of activity should be introduced to training of the future holders of a bachelor’s degree conducted in two languages.

Thus, the combination of scientific and educational activities can significantly improve the quality of training.

Developed by the department of curriculum, its scientific and practical activities aimed at building creatively active professionals employable. Students training on specialty “Architecture and design”, receive up-to-date complex education in architectural and design engineering on the basis of in-depth study of the artistic and aesthetic subjects, disciplines of engineering profile and get basic knowledge in the field of architectural design of residential and public buildings and complexes, facility engineering, architectural and industrial design.

During the process of studying, students learn advanced methods of calculation of structural elements and machine parts for strength, rigidity and stability, and learn the basics of construction machines and mechanisms to ensure their reliable operation, at the same time while achieving economic efficiency in material consumption.

In order to master the complex and time-consuming process of calculation a computer technology is widely used that enables to automate all phases of the calculation, including the issues of optimal design.

Students pass practice in major design institutes, architectural and Design Bureau and architectural workshops. Students majoring in specialties «Architecture» and «Design» are the winners of the international, national and regional competitions, exhibitions and festivals in the field of architecture and design.

After graduation, our graduates work in major design institutes, architectural and Design Bureau, advertising firms. Graduates of the Department is the leading specialists in urban architecture and construction, heads of the architectural-design Bureau, owners of enterprises.

Graduates of the Department is the leading specialists in urban architecture and construction departments, heads of the architectural- design Bureau, owners of enterprises. One of the prospects of the department is the teaching staff involvement in the development and publication of complex scientific and educational materials (monographs, textbooks, manuals, guidelines, manuals, scientific articles), gaining both in Kazakhstan and in the Near Abroad.