Head of the department of «Architecture and design»

Department of «Architecture and design»

«Architecture and Design» department head manager

Ph.D., assistant professor


Kozhas Aigul Kenzhebekovna

Head of the department “Architecture and Design” Ph.D., associate professor

Contact Information:

Address: Karaganda, 56 Mira Boulevard, first building, office 168 Telephone office: 8 (7212) 56-59-32 (ext. 2216) E-mail:

Biographical information:

Education: WiseU them. O.A. Baykonurov.

1993-1998, specialty 4301 “Industrial and civil construction”

Degree, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Scientific and teaching experience: 20 years

-1998-2001 Assistant of the Department of construction of production Zhezkazgan University. O.A. Baykonurov. Jezkazgan
2001-2004 PhD student, specialty 25.00.22 “Geotechnology (underground, open, construction)
-2004-2005 Assistant to the department of construction of the Zhezkazgan University. O.A. Baykonurov. Jezkazgan
2005-2007 Junior Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Laboratory of Gas Fields, Institute for Problems of Integrated Mineral Resources Development. Karaganda
-2007-2018 Associate Professor of the Department “Building materials and technologies” KSTU.
-2018 and present the main department of architecture and design

Academic work