Mechanical Engineering faculty


Mechanical engineering was and is the foundation of all other sectors of the economy, and the degree of their development depends on its plane.

Professor E. Shevtsov

History of Mechanical Engineers Training begins from 1959, when in the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute the Metallurgical Department was organized, which conducted the training of engineers specializing in “Ferrous Metals”, “Metal Forming” and “Technology of machine building, metal-cutting machines and tools,” due to the need to meet the demand on them for a giant iron and steel industry of the country – Karaganda metallurgical works. Dean of the faculty was elected professor E.I.Shevtsov, later a professor, laureate of State Prize of the USSR.Over the years, faculty deans were E.I. Shevtsov, Sh.U. Kan, A.Ya. Gorchakov, S.N. Ignatov, A.N. Petuhov, D.N. Eshutkin, P.B. Stepanov, V.A. Tkachenko, I.P. Manzhurin, D.Z. Muhamedyarov, O.A. Sharaya.
In 1963 in Temirtau technical college factory unit under Karmetworks was organized, and therefore the metallurgical specialties were relocated there, and the metallurgy department was transformed into the mechanical-technological, dean of which E.I. Shvetsov  was reappointed, who headed it until 1971.In subsequent years, the faculty was led by associated professors, candidates of technical sciences Gorchakov A.J. (1971-1974 years), Ignatov S.N. (1974, 1975 years), Petukhov A.N. (1975-1983 years).
Kahn Sh.U.Cand.Sc., Associate Professor Gorchakov, A.J. Cand.Sc., Associate Professor Ignatov, S. Ph.D., Cand.Sc., Associate Professor

On the basis of the Department “Metal Technology” the new departments “Foundry and metal technology,” “Welding Technology” were organized, which became later the foundation of the faculty. The faculty also includes the Department of “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry” and “Conveying plant and machine parts.”

Nazarbayev N.A. – KarPTI Student First president of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nursultan Nazarbayev, studied in the group F-62-2 of the Department “Foundry and metal technology” for three years (1962-1965 years).The first head of the department of foundry and metal technology, who headed it until 1980, was E.I. Shevtsov. Faculty worked at the department had considerable industrial experience: Rakov S.S., Kretschmer V.G., Davilbekov N.H., Belyakova A.F. Later on, the department joined the staff of the first graduates, now associate professors and professors of the department: Zhukebaeva T.J., Manzhurin I.P., Kipnis L.S., Kanunnikova S.G., Isin D.K., Smolkin A.A.
ZhukebaevaT.J. Kipnis L.S. Kanunnikova S.G. Isin D.K. Smolkin A.A.

From September 1962 a new department “Mechanical-engineering technology” was led by an experienced industrial worker, associate professor Ettel A.V. While working as head of the department until 1971, Ettel A.V. together with the first teachers of the department Belostotskaya I.A., Starukhin S.V., Kleshchin V.A., Kleshchina E.V. made great contribution to the department establishment and the training of qualified specialists.

Graduates of the first intake Churikov A.P., Akjolov A.M., Abilova S.M., Baumann V.A., Gusev V.G. were sent to the purpose-oriented graduate school of country’s leading universities, and after successful completion they viably worked at the department.

In 1970 the first intake to a specialty “Mechanical engineering” was taken, graduates of which received the qualification of “engineer-teacher.” The opening of this specialty was caused by a lack of specialists in vocational and technical education.

Ettel A.V., Cand.Sc., Associate Professor Gruzinov V.K.,Professor Churikov A.P.,Cand.Sc., Associate Professor

In December 1965, welding department was formed, headed by Gruzinov A.V. The first teachers of the department were Petrovskiy V.V., Osintseva N.L., Sysoev K.B., and the first graduates left at the department were Abilov ZH.E., Akhmetbekov M.T., Davidovsky A.N., Enin V.P.

In 1980 it was decided to reorganize the departments of KarPTI, and mechanical-technological department was transformed into the Mechanical Engineering Department, the dean of which became cand.sc., associate professor Petukhov A.N. The faculty includes the following departments: “Mechanical Engineering”, “Machinery and Foundry Technology”, “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry.” Training of the engineers was conducted in the following specialties: “Casting of non-ferrous metals”, “, machine tools and instruments”, “Machinery and Foundry Technology”, ” Mechanical engineering”, “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry.”

Petukhov A.N., Cand.Sc., Associate Professor Eshutkin D.N.,.Professor Stepanov P.B., Cand.Sc., Professor

In 1983, based on the mechanical engineering department two new were created, and mechanical engineering departments.

Prof. Eshutkina D.N. was appointed dean of the mechanical-technological faculty and from 1985 to 1988 Prof. Stepanov P.B. led the faculty. The faculty includes the chairs: “Machinery and Foundry Technology”, “The technology of welding and construction materials”, “Theoretical mechanics and theory of mechanisms and machines”, “Chemistry”, “Physical education and sport.”

Training of the faculty was conducted in the following specialties: “Foundry”, “Mechanization of Foundry”, “Welding Technology”.

Dean of the engineering faculty was re-appointed cand.sc., associate professor Gorchakov A.J., who led it until 1988.

The faculty consisted of the departments: “Mechanical Engineering”, “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry,” “Hoisting plant and machine parts,” “Descriptive Geometry and Graphics”, “Foreign Languages”.

The faculty trained engineers in the field of “Machine tools and instruments”, “Mechanical engineering”, “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry.”

Manzhurin I.P.,Cand.Sc., professor
Opening of new specialties and departments, merging and updating existing departments allowed  administration of KarPTI to conduct new reorganization of the institute. In 1988, mechanical-technological, and mechanical engineering departments were merged into the Mechanical Engineering Department, the dean of which became cand.sc., associate professor Tkachenko V.A., and in subsequent years (1995 – 2001 years) Faculty supervised cand.sc., associate professor Manzhurin I.P.The organizational part of the faculty includes 11 departments, 5 are producing, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Machinery and Technology foundry and construction materials”, “Welding Technology”, “Computer-aided design”, “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry.”

The faculty trained over 1,200 students in six specialties. The educational process were conducted by more than 250 teachers, including 4 professors and more than 100 associate professors. The Faculty had five specialized classrooms equipped with modern facilities, interdepartmental class of personal computers and laboratory building, equipped with modern machinery equipment.

Research and Scientific-production activities at the Department were conducted by seven research laboratories, and scientists and students of the faculty have been actively involved in national and international conferences, widely publishing research results.

In 1993, in connection with the creation of new faculties of the department “Computer-aided design” and “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry,” were removed from the Institute of Machine Building. In 1994 there was a division of the Department “Technology of machine building, metal-cutting machines and tools,” to two: “Mechanical Engineering” and “Metal-cutting machines and tools,” in connection with the opening of the new specialty of the same name. However, in 1996 the department re-united, which was caused by the unification of the curricula and the reduction of the intake plan.

Mukhamedyarov D.Z., Cand.Sc., professor In 1997 KSTU became the first university of Kazakhstan that opened a specialty “Standardization and certification of industrial products and services,” at the department “Mechanical Engineering Technology”, which allowed to start training specialists on quality.In connection with the resuscitation of industrial enterprises in the central region and the country as a whole on a consolidated department of “Machinery and Technology foundry and construction materials” in 2000 a new specialty “Materials Science and Technology of New Materials” (MS) was opened and in 2001 specialty “Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals “(MSHT).On July 1, 2001 to February 2009 dean of the Institute was cand.sc., associate professor of “Mechanical Engineering” Mukhamedyarov D.Z. – 1975 graduate of KarPTI specialty «Technology of mechanical engineering, machine tools and instruments.”
Sharaya O.A.,Cand.Sc., PhD Since 2010 to 2013 dean of the Mechanical Engineering faculty  was Ph.D., Professor of the department of MMandN Sharaya O.A. At present the faculty consists of three producing department “Mechanical Engineering Technology” (MET), “Metallurgy, Materials Science and Nanotechnology” (MMandN), “Welding and Foundry” (W and F) and the department “Foreign Languages” (FL)Under the departments of the faculty the preparing of masters in five areas and PhD in two areas is conducted.

To date, the faculty produced about 100 masters and the first two Ph.D. dissertations are protected.