Mechanical Engineering faculty


Dean: Cand. ped.Sc, Yerakhtina Irina Duty: general management of Mechanical Engineering faculty. Work with students and stuff to provide high-quality learning process, learning and methodical work, scientific and educational work.
List works
Жасулан фото Faculty Vice-Dean in learning process: lecturer of “Mechanical Engineering” chair Atambaev Gasulan Nurbaevich’ Duty: responsible for SMQ, control of student progress, schedule of execution of the learning process.
Deputy director in educational process: Adamova Gýlden Hasenovna

Duty work in Soviet of the institute, work with curators of departments, presidency in Soviet of department curators, educational work in hostel of university, organization different kinds of actions.

Жаркевич ОМ Deputy director in science work: cand. of eng. Zharkevich OlgaDuty: supervise science questions which connect with publication of memoirs in magazines, filing for a patent, obtaining of patent, plans by Corporate University, report of SRW and SRWS.
Секретарь МФ Secretary:  Babagul Botagoz Serikbaikizi Duty: provide office work in Russian and Kazakh languages.