Articles from periodicals for September 2015

University book 2015 No. 7-8

Dmitry Medvedev instructed to take measures for increase of competitiveness of Russian universities
The Ministry of education and science of Russia has developed the project of the network University
Professors becomes smaller, and the training is expensive

Pedagogy 2015 No. 5

The organization of a public (mobile) educational space
Educational technology as a system of “task” ways of learning
Psychological aspects of environmental education
Monitoring of technology education and its purpose in educational practice
Quality management education in universities: external challenges and internal resources
The formation of professionalism technologist at the University
The study of discipline “ecology of man”
Academic degrees and titles in foreign countries: General and special

High school of the XXI century 2015 23 room

To work without the “dubbing” and schlock
The University is obliged to contribute to the development of personality
The place where the common knowledge
School if University or College in the school
Medvedev and Sobyanin opened the Technopark
Power of the Saratov technical
MSU has found the hard way
Not the Stalin monument, and the Temple high school
The flagship oil and gas education in Russia
Leader in the field of stroyoborudovanie
Mendeleev went into orbit

The scientific Council 2015 № 6

Vladimir Putin to instruct the Ministry of education and science engage in Patriotic education of youth

Higher education today 2015 № 6

Vladimir Putin:”At such leading universities and research centers such as Moscow state University, focuses the entire educational complex of the country”
To the question of assessing the quality of engineering education
Universal training of future engineers robotics — competitive investment in the future of our country
Ways of formation of professional competence of specialists of railway University in “railway Operation”
New technology for career guidance
Pedagogical characteristic signs of aesthetic education of cadets of military educational institutions

The rector of the University 2015 №6

Science offers solutions
The distinguishing sign of the KuzSTU is a graduate of the high standard of quality
Technical University — support of the defence industry
Turbulence is a time of unexpected solutions in education
Self-education in the conditions of STATE of the new generation

Accreditation in education 2015 No. 3

The storyline of Russian education
UNIFYCOMMUNICATIONS: the future in the present
Sing for you, my Victory!
Double ahead of teacher training
The education of a lifetime
The potential of the innovation cluster professional development courses
Regional model of professional training of teachers
Why is Russia not part of the European architecure quality
The ENQA forum: cooperation and competition
Dialogue Europe — Asia: if we’re that different?
The internationalization of Japanese universities

Accreditation in education 2015 No. 2

Three stages of development of accreditation in Russia
Not to RUB someone else’s ashes on their heads
Maximum freedom of expression
The main asset of a University’s intellectual potential
Mobilization of engineering
Multicriteriality of education quality assessment
Small innovative enterprises: in terms of “barrier protection”
To create an effective system of vocational education
Raising the prestige of working professions
Denmark — a new player in the global export market education

Bulletin of the Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan 2015 No. 3

Internationalization and globalization of higher education and their impact on national education systems
The principles of modular and competence-based approach in shaping the curriculum of the educational program
The educational process in the choreographic team

The Rector Of The University 2015 No. 5

The program “5-100” as a powerful impetus to the development
MSU has greatly improved his reputation in the ranking of the best universities in the world
Training of the modern engineer requires new educational formats
Questioning of students as a tool for evaluating the work of the University
There is such a profession —the Department head…
In leading the high schools of Russia will introduce a new model of technology transfer
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