Articles from periodicals for July 2015

Bulletin of the International organizations 2015 No. 1

Sage helps China: the development of a network of Confucius Institutes as an instrument of the policy of “soft power” China in the Great East Asia

Development through cooperation

Development of forms of collective management

Higher education today 2015, No. 3

Using the model of the professional environment for the training of engineers

The dynamics of motivation of educational activity in connection with the values of the future profession students of technical University

Creating presentations of lectures on chemistry

The rector of the University 2015 No. 4

Link generations is the basis of civil-Patriotic education of students

The educational process as a multilevel system

Alexei Semenov: “Parenting is a shared endeavor”

Strategy of development education: a public discussion

Studies — period understanding of basic values

Victor Lazarenko: “We try to touch the soul”

Why student time management?

Open — world, open innovation, or to See the light and not be blinded

Experience of application of remote educational technologies in agricultural education

The results of all-Russian competition for the best collective agreement of the University

Robotics is one of key areas of training

Contemporary education, 2014, No. 4

Between imaginary and real

Bulletin of the Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan 2015 No. 2

President of the APS of Kazakhstan A. K. Kusainov made a presentation at the conference in Kemerovo, Russia

World of education — education in the world 2015 No. 1

The principles of modular training in domestic and foreign experience

The creation of a safe educational environment at the Moscow state technical University. N. E. Bauman

On the role of information and telecommunications in the education of civic engagement among University students

The use of modern technical means in the military training of students of universities

Psycho-pedagogical support of the educational process (on the example of Moscow state technical University. N. E. Bauman)

Open education 2015 No. 2

Intellectualization of open education services

A systematic approach to the organization of e-learning in a classical university