Scientific-methodical plans

In the conditions of modern society, young people will have to become an active participant in the large-scale transformations taking place in Kazakhstan, which will require high social competencies from them, such as independence and responsibility, the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations, a creative approach to solving problems.

Employers today are attracted by such personality qualities as sociability, mobility, determination, responsibility, the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in a specific life situation and creativity.

In order to prepare practice-oriented personnel in the higher education system in 2022 on the basis of 4 Kazakhstan universities in the pilot mode introduced such an indicator as social GPA. The purpose of the implementation of the project “Social “GPA” in the practice of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University is to prepare graduates to serve society by assessing their social activity and involvement in the formation of an active civic position, promoting the ideas of patriotism and labor for the good of the country, attracting young people to solve socially significant problems.

The broad involvement of students in the activities of student self-government bodies, student clubs, circles and sections, socio-political and cultural and sports events contributes to the formation of socio-personal competencies, civic and patriotic values. And, undoubtedly, this will have a positive impact on providing the labor market with practice-oriented personnel, a new generation of managers who are able to bear personal responsibility both for their own well-being and for the well-being of society as a whole.

Since 2022, the educational course “Ultka qyzmet” has been introduced for the first time at our university on the basis of the Model of patriotic education “Formation of a New Kazakhstan Patriotism”.

This system consists of seven logically constructed sequential stages, each of which has a specific target and content load and is designed for a specific term. The topics of the curatorial hours cover all areas of educational work, this is knowledge of the history of KTU, its outstanding teachers-scientists who have made an invaluable contribution to the development and formation of the university, the basics of legal culture, health and ecology, historical and cultural heritage, prospects for industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan and the country’s first engineers, as well as global technological trends. Depending on the realities and demands of Kazakhstan society, the topics of the educational course are regularly updated and actualised. This approach made it possible to ensure continuity and completeness of the entire educational process, which starts from the first days of study at the university, covers all academic semesters and ends in the last year of study.

Students acquire knowledge of the political, economic and social life of the country, the fundamental rights and duties of a citizen and world trends. The educational course takes place in the format of curatorial hours in free form – these are conversations, discussions (disputations), meetings with interesting people, excursions to museums of the university and the city.

The peculiarity of the course “Ultka qyzmet” is that the supervising hours are conducted by the students themselves, according to the principle an equal teaches an equal, students share experience, knowledge and information. At the same time, supervisor doesn’t act as a teacher, but as the creator of the educational environment in which people study themselves. This approach helps to develop such useful skills as critical thinking and rational cognition, communication skills, the ability to express one’s own thoughts, make decisions, overcome difficulties, study and work in a team.

During the curatorial hours, special attention is paid to the high-quality presentation by students of the topic of the curatorial hour, on which the successful assimilation of the material by students depends. Slides and videos, discussion and brainstorming methods, games and quizzes in the Quizizz, Kahoot platform are used. Various representatives of the Corporate University are invited to the supervisor hours, such as “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP, “Zhairem MCC” JSC, “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JSC, “Borusan Makina Kazakhstan” LLP, graduates of our university, who tell students about the nuances of production processes and the future profession.

A survey conducted among students showed that more than 80% of students note the need for supervisor hours and consider it an important advantage to gain new knowledge, as well as the opportunity to learn how to search and process information when preparing reports. During the supervisor hours, students discuss with great interest topics related to their future profession, politics, events taking place in the city, the country and the world, people who have changed the world for the better, as well as achievements in science and technology.

Master classes conducted by experienced supervisors for the exchange of pedagogical experience with young and novice teachers, where the quality criteria are the use of relevant, useful and interesting information, the effectiveness of the presentation of material, the activation of students, contribute to improving the effectiveness of supervisor hours.

The effectiveness of mastering the educational course is determined by testing at the end of each term. Thus, according to the results of the tests conducted for the 2022-23 academic year, the average score was 85%. The results of mastering the educational course material are a key component of the indicator of students’ social competencies or social GPA.

Thus, the educational course “Ultka kyzmet” is primarily aimed at forming a cult of knowledge, striving for professional relevance, active life and civic position among young people.

The teaching staff at Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University is acutely aware of their responsibility for how the younger generation will grow up. Just as a hundred years ago, the aspirations, dreams and hopes of the representatives of the first Kazakh intelligentsia “Alash Orda members” were turned to the education of progressive youth. The words of the outstanding Kazakh public figure, one of the leaders of the Alash movement Alikhan Bukeykhanov – “Serving the nation is not about knowledge, it is about character”  are the main ideas of the educational course.


Scientific Research Institute of Patriotic Education

NJSC Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University


The educational policy of the University is based on the patriotic education model developed in 2009.

As a result of the Republican seminar meeting in October, 2010 the Model is recommended for the introduction at educational institutions of the country by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The model has been approved at the international level: On September 17, 2009 – at the Conference at University of Bologna (Italy), on May 8, 2010 – at the seminar at Dresden University of Technology (Germany) and at the republican level: On April 21, 2009 – at the meeting of Social council of fraction PDP
“Nur Otan” in the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the RK; On December 10, 2009 – at “a round table” in the Committee for sociocultural development of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the RK on topic: “Role of youth’s patriotic education in Kazakhstan: problems, prospects, solutions”; On October 28, 2010 – the Republican seminar meeting organized by the Administration of President and the MES of the RK during which sets of scientific and methodical materials on introduction of this patriotic education model was gratuitously transferred to all higher education institutions of the RK.

Structure of the patriotic education model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism” includes seven programs, each of which is expected for a semester (15 advisor hours for the academic period).

Within its further development in May, 2014 the patriotic education model on the example of the First President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev is transformed to the Model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism” which methodological basis were national values “The eternal people”.

The active innovative processes in socio-political and economic spheres of society have caused the need for implementation of educational reforms. The state, trends and prospects of development of higher school, the analysis of the best educational practices convince in the need for review of traditional approaches in forming the worldview and patriotic civic stance of future specialists. Educational work problems at educational institutions become priority now.

As the head of state noted, “now our task is to change the relation of Kazakhstan citizens and, first of all, youth to education, to intelligence, service to the Homeland and the people”.  

Within accomplishment of strategic tasks of SPIID-2 there is a need for the new innovative educational policy which essence shall be training of the competitive engineering personnel of new formation corresponding to the world trends of development which are based on the sixth technological paradigm composed of educational and research and production cluster “Corporate University” on the basis of KSTU.

In 2016, Karaganda State Technical University developed and accepted a new innovative educational policy.

The purpose of the Concept of innovative educational policy is all-round and harmonious development of future engineers of new formation on the basis of studying world trends of developing technology, prospects of industrialization and economic growth of key branches of the Kazakhstan industry, the new legislation in the field of technical education; on the basis of participation in practical implementation of the breakthrough SPIID-2 projects, the Plan of the nation – “100 specific steps to implement 5 institutional reforms”, Concepts of strengthening and development of the Kazakhstan identity and unity in forming Universal Labour Community

Concept tasks of the new educational policy:

  1. Developing the New Schedule curator for about 1-7 hours semester.
  2. Updating the patriotic education model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism”, updating the structure and content of scientific and methodological materials (semestrial collections for the aid to curators of groups, brochures) for the purpose of practical implementation of the new scientific, academic and educational policy, the maximum approach of student’s youth to modern production requirements.
  3. Studying the topics of semesters 1,2,3,4 which were earlier developed in the patriotic education model (“Great people throughout national history”, “Culture, traditions and originality” and “Local studies” respectively) on an independent basis, elective.
  4. Involving leading experts of enterprises, and also subject teachers and mentors of youth to carrying out educational work in the course of training of future specialists under the conditions of double degree programs (in 5 centers of working professions and 60 branches of the graduate departments on production sites of industrial companies, members of consortium “Corporate University” on the basis of KSTU).
  5. Patriotic education of student’s youth on the basis of studying achievements of the best work collectives and labor dynasties, real contribution of graduates and scientists of KSTU to innovative development of the region.
  6. Increasing religious literacy by activation of effective awareness raising activities among students and university teachers.
  7. Increasing efficiency of student’s self-government through updating the structure of Association for student’s organizations of KSTU “Zhas Orda”.

Within the Concept of innovative educational policy topics of advisor hours of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters were reconsidered and completely updated (“World development trends”, “Innovative development of the Kazakhstan industry” and “Contribution of outstanding engineers to industrialization of the country” respectively), changes are partially made to topics 1,6,7 of the semester in connection with adoption of new strategic program documents, laws.

The concept of the new innovative educational policy is tested on the 2nd and 4th year students, in particular – on students who are taught according to the social project “Serpin — 2050”.

The updated calendar plan of advisor hours on the updated patriotic education model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism” is developed to implement this policy.

The scientific and methodological package on the implementation of the patriotic education model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism” includes:

4 volumes “The chronicle of strategically important initiatives of N. A. Nazarbayev” / Under the general editorship of the RK NAS academician A.M. Gazaliyev;

7 volumes “Basics of imagology on the example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” / Under the general editorship of the RK NAS academician A.M. Gazaliyev;

6 monographs;

20 methodology guidelines to advisors of academic groups;

176 brochures of a series:

28 – “Outstanding people who made a contribution to Kazakhstan development”

34 – “Outstanding people who made a contribution to a world civilization development”

30 – “World development trends”

30 – “Innovative development of the Kazakhstan industry”

30 – “Contribution of outstanding engineers to industrial development of the country”

24 – “Fundamentals of the Kazakhstan law” and “Environmental problems of industries”

12 video lectures – public and state figures of fellow students of the Head of state;

18 video movies – on legal education and healthy living;

10 documentary and tutorial fims;

9 master classes of advisor hours.

On May 27, 2016 there was transfer of scientific and methodological package of the patriotic education model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism” as a gift to “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan — the Nation’s Leader” and “Nazarbayev University”.

Comrades-in-arms about the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev,

S. T. Suleimenov,

The First foreign Minister of Kazakhstan

Toleubayev E. I.
Veteran of Karmetkombinat, honorary citizen of Temirtau;

Sarekenov K. Z.
Chief researcher of Chemical and metallurgical Institute named after D.Abdishev;

Omashev K. O.
Honorary metallurgist of Kazakhstan, honorary citizen of Temirtau;

Nikonov V. A.
Veteran of  Karmetkombinat, honorary citizen of Temirtau.

Healthy lifestyle,

Prevention of influenza and ARVI;
Prevention of tuberculosis;
Prevention of Hepatitis A;
Prevention of Lice;
About harm of Smoking;
Healthy lifestyles;
The impact of EMF on human organism.

The Great Patriotic War in the memoirs of veterans,

A veteran of GPW Tkachenko V.S.
Teaching materials on the Model of Patriotic education “Formation of a New Kazakhstani Patriotism”;

A veteran of GPW Ponomareva S.G.
Teaching materials on the Model of Patriotic education “Formation of a New Kazakhstani Patriotism”;

The veteran of GPW Padiyarov I.K.
Teaching materials on the Model of Patriotic education “Formation of a New Kazakhstani Patriotism”;

A veteran of GPW Dyussembekov K.Zh.
Teaching materials on the Model of Patriotic education “Formation of a New Kazakhstani Patriotism”;

Homefront worker Diakova N.G.
Teaching materials on the Model of Patriotic education “Formation of a New Kazakhstani Patriotism”.








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