The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

The Department of RMPI trains specialists at all three levels: bachelor’s, master’s and PhD doctoral studies. The goal of the RMPI department is to train highly qualified and in-demand personnel for the mining, oil and gas industries, research and design institutions, colleges and universities.

Bachelor degree

Bachelor of educational program 6В07202 – “Mining” during training acquires the following skills:

  • development of new production technologies;
  • determining the cost of mining operations and products (coal, ore);
  • analysis of the state, technology and level of production organization;
  • use of computer and information technology, special computer programs;
  • management skills at a mining enterprise.


Bachelor of educational program 6B07203 – “Oil and Gas Business” during the training acquires the following skills:

  • production and technological activities;
  • organizational and managerial activities;
  • analysis of the state, technology and level of production organization;
  • design and engineering activities;

Master degree

Master of educational program 7M07203 “Mining”, during the training he acquires the following skills:

  • use of general scientific methodology for conducting research work;
  • the ability to present its results in various forms of scientific production;
  • pedagogical activities
  • the use of foreign languages for the implementation of professional,
  • research and teaching activities.

Doctoral studies

During the implementation of the educational program 8D07202 “Mining”, within the framework of doctoral studies, scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel are trained who have the academic title of Master of Science or Master of Science in the field, and who carry out research activities in higher educational institutions or research centers.

The duration of doctoral studies is at least 3 years.

Doctoral educational curricula provide fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of disciplines in the area of scientific specialization.