The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

The Department of Mineral Deposit Development named after Abylkas Saginov (hereinafter referred to as RMPI) is the oldest mining department, created in 1953.

The first head of the department from 1953 to 1957, being at the same time the rector, was an associate professor, Ph.D. Nurmukhamedov Yu.K. – mining engineer, graduate of the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute.

Subsequently, in different years, the department was headed by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician A.S. Saginov. (1957-1988); Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Veksler Yu. A. (1988-1992); Associate Professor, Ph.D., Root E.G. (1992-2004); Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Demin V.F. (2004-2008); Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Isabek T.K. (2008-2017). Currently, since 2018, the department is headed by Associate Professor, PhD Imashev A.Zh.

Special merit not only in the formation of the institute, but also the department of RMPI, in the creation of its material and technical base, and the formation of the teaching staff belongs to the Hero of Socialist Labor, academician A.S. Saginov.

Major and famous scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of the department are professors, doctors of technical sciences Kwon S.S., Berkaliev B.T., Drizhd N.A., Veksler Yu.A., Hamimolda B.Zh., Adilov K. N., Kulniyaz S.S. A noticeable mark in the history of the department was left by associate professors, candidates of technical sciences Root E.G., Smagulov Z.M., Zhanabatyrov E.S., Serbo O.S., Efimov V.V., Anisimov A.P., Rozhkov V. V., Popov Yu.I., Popov N.I., Stefluk Yu.M. and others. Their merits in educating and training young specialists for the mining industry of Kazakhstan are enormous.

Among the leading scientists and teachers of the department currently are Professors Baimukhametov S.K., Demin V.F., Isabek T.K., Arystan I.D., Kamarov R.K. Experienced teachers and specialists in the mining and oil and gas industry are working successfully and fruitfully At the department, the number of promising youth is growing from year to year, young scientists are working actively and fruitfully, PhD – Imashev A.Zh., Musin R.A., Zamaliev N.M., Zeitinova Sh.B., Zhumabekova A.E. ., Khalikova E.R., Rabatuly M., who teach classes in the disciplines of mining and oil and gas engineering, and also actively participate in research work. Each member of the department makes his own contribution to the work of the department, in which social, cultural and educational work among students occupies a significant place. Along with the above-mentioned members of the department, the teaching staff and the teaching staff of the department also contribute to the work of the department: Zhunusbekova G.Zh., Zhunis G.M., Khusan B., Asanova Zh.M., Mataev A.K., Zhumabekov M.N., Seitbekov S.A., Abdieva L.M., Bogzhanova Zh.K., Zakharov A.M., Efremova S.S., Mustafina R.U., Abdieva A.T. and other employees.

Until 2003, the department trained mining engineers in two specialties: “Underground mining of mineral deposits” and “Open pit mining of mineral deposits.” The department operated postgraduate and doctoral studies on an ongoing basis, and there was a dissertation council for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations (Geotechnology and Underground mining of mineral deposits). Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel is carried out in doctoral, postgraduate and master’s programs. For the period from 1955 to 2006. 11 doctoral dissertations were defended, 112 candidates of technical sciences were trained.

With the transition of the university to the Bologna process, the department has been training bachelors in the specialty “Mining Engineering” since 2004 in two directions: “Underground mining of mineral deposits” and “Open pit mining of mineral deposits”. In 2008, the departments of “Mine and Underground Construction” and “Development of Mineral Deposits” merged, thereby adding another direction for bachelor’s training in “Mine and Underground Construction” at the department. Postgraduate education aimed at training scientific and pedagogical personnel began to be carried out through master’s programs (since 2006) and PhD-doctoral studies (since 2010). On the basis of the department there is a dissertation council for the defense of doctoral dissertations for the award of the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctor in the specialty 6D070700 “Mining” (training direction 8D072 “Production and manufacturing industries”). Since 2012, the department began training bachelors in the specialty “Oil and Gas Engineering”.

For more than 30 years, the department has been training specialists in the state language. In 1995, the first graduation of students was carried out in groups with the state language of instruction. The teachers of the department (professors Berkaliev B.T., Khamimolda B.Zh., Isabek T.K., Smagulov Z.M., Arystan I.D., Kamarov R.K.) were among the first to develop teaching aids in the state language , guidelines for performing practical and laboratory work, course and diploma projects. In 2006, scientists of the RMPI department Saginov A.S., Smagulov Z.M., Arystan I.D., Isabek T.K. For the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a textbook in the Kazakh language “Paidaly kenoryndaryn kazyp ondiru tekhnologiyasy” was published in the field of “Mining”, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for technical universities of the country.

Between 1958 and 2007. 5,000 mining engineers were trained. Many of them are known as major production managers and government or public figures: Nefedov P.P. – former akim of the Karaganda region and deputy minister of E&MR of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Presentation G.M. – for many years he was the executive director of the managing director of OJSC Ispat-Karmet, then ArcelorMittal Temirtau; Yoon R.B. – served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazakhmys Corporation JSC; Mirny I.Ya. – was the president of JSC “Karagandagiproshakht and K”; Salamatin A.G. – ex-Minister of Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Salamatin D.A. – former Minister of Defense of Ukraine; Kubaychuk Yu.A. – former senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Tinikeev M.B. – former deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan (II, III, IV, V and VI convocations); Abilov B.M. – politician, businessman and philanthropist of Kazakhstan; Sapiev S.N. – world champion 2005 and 2007, Olympic champion 2012; Aliev S.B. – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship of the Eurasian Economic Commission and others.

At the department under the leadership of Academician A.S. Saginov. an advanced scientific school on technology and integrated mechanization of mining mineral deposits was created, which received wide recognition both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in near and far abroad.

Under the scientific guidance and with the personal participation of Saginov A.S. In the basin, for the first time, comprehensive experimental work was carried out to select rational methods for opening mine fields. Particular attention was paid to the preliminary degassing of coal seams. The scientific foundations of the reliability of technological schemes of mining enterprises, methods of synthesis and optimization of technological schemes of coal mines, and methods for predicting the main technical and economic indicators were developed.

The scientific school founded by A.S. Saginov continued to develop and be replenished with talented research scientists.

In 1987-1992 The leadership of the RMPI department passed to Wexler Yulian Abramovich (1934-2022). Research has begun on the development and practical application of numerical methods for computer calculations of mechanical processes in rock masses, and methods for predicting gas-dynamic phenomena in mine workings.

Special merits in the formation and development of the Saginov school belong to Saginov’s colleague A.S. Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Kwon Sergei Synguvich (1923-2007). Scientific works of Kwon S.S. mainly devoted to improving methods of opening and preparing mine fields, developing automated design systems, restructuring and diversification of the mine stock of the Karaganda basin.

From 1992 to 2004, the department was headed by Root Edgar Gustavovich (1938-2020). Methods for analyzing and synthesizing technological schemes of coal mines and optimizing their parameters have been developed.

One of the main tasks of the department is the development and implementation of the QMS and credit system in the educational process, the preparation of teaching materials in accordance with the requirements of international standards and the State Educational Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The department constantly carried out active work on the development of state educational standards – until 2004 in three specialties “Underground mining of mineral deposits”, “Open-pit mining of mineral deposits”, “Mine and underground construction”, after 2004 already in the bachelor’s degree “Mining” case”. Standard curricula for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs have been developed, and educational programs and educational and methodological complexes of disciplines have been formed according to them.

The teachers of the department defended 12 doctoral dissertations: Saginov A.S. (1967), Kwon S.S. (1971), Wexler Yu.A. (1973), Adilov K.N. (1980), Drizhd N.A. (1989), Bragin E.P. (1990), Berkaliev B.T. (1991), Isabek T.K. (1997), Present G.M. (1999), Hamimolda B.J. (2001)., Demin V.F. (2004), Kulniyaz S.S. (2010), 112 candidates of technical sciences were trained. The dissertation students were supervised by Professor A.S. Saginov. (52 people), Kwon S.S. (29 people), Adilov K.N. (12 people), Berkaliev B.T. (15 people), Veksler Yu.A. (5 people).

With the transition to the Bologna system of training scientific personnel at the Department of Physics, 22 people completed doctoral studies and received the academic title of Doctor of Philosophy PhD.