The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

Chair history

The oldest and leading chair of a mountain profile created in 1953, carries out preparation of mountain engineers on specialties «Underground mining of mineral deposits» (since 1953) and «Open-cast mining of mineral deposits» (since 1993) on day and correspondence modes of study.

The modern market economy dictates necessity of research new forms of rendering educational services.

Preparation of scientific and pedagogical shots is conducted in doctoral studies, postgraduate study and magistracy.

The chair has four equipped subject audiences, laboratories «Physics of rocks» and «Management of a file condition», a training ground, lecture audiences, auxiliary premises a total area more than 700 sq. metres.

All teachers have base education – the mountain engineer on a specialty «Working out of mineral deposits».

The first head with 1953 for 1957 of incorporated chair «Working out of mineral deposits, mountain cars and geology» was assistant professor, candidate of technical sciences Nurmuhamedov Junus – the mountain engineer, the graduate of the Dnepropetrovsk college of mines, it the first rector of institute. At this time on incorporated chair worked only two candidate technical science and basic activity has been directed on attraction to teaching work of skilled production workers, on formation of material base, working out of educational-methodical materials on readable disciplines. The basic work on formation of the faculty of chair WOMD allocated in independent, is spent by Abylkas Saginov – headed it in 1957, remaining the permanent head more than 30 years.
Abylkas Saginov – the mountain engineer who has ended the Dnepropetrovsk College of mines in 1939, the professor (1958), a doctor of the technical sciences (1967), the academician of National academy of Sciences RK (1970). Worked on chair in 1957-1988, the adviser at administration (1989-1991), the professor-adviser of chair WOMD (since 2001). With 1939 for 1951 occupied various supervising posts at the coal enterprises of Karaganda: 1951-1955 – the director of branch VUGI, the director of the Karaganda research coal institute (KRCI). In 1955-1987–the rector of the Karaganda polytechnic institute. A.S.Saginov one of two rectors who have received in Soviet period a rank of the Hero of Socialist work. The Karaganda Polytechnical Institute at its management has been awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

The Material base of chair replenished with new visual aids, training means, the audience for training with application of television technics and demonstration of educational films has been equipped. Laboratories «Physics of rocks» and «Management of a file condition» have replenished with the new labware, formation of a training ground of mountain technics has begun.

In educational process there is begun application of the test form flowing and intermediate control of knowledge of students.

Research works on chair continued to be carried out under all-Union, republican and regional programs. Contracts on joint researches with scientists from Germany (Freiberg, Leipzig) and the contract on commonwealth with university of Kobe (Japan) have been concluded.

The basic researches of prof. J.A.Vexler are devoted working out and practical application of numerical methods of calculations on the computer of mechanical processes in a file of rocks. The author of 38 inventions has published more than 160 printing works, including 4 monographies.

Since 2004 till september 2008 over chair Dyomin Vladimir, the mountain engineer, the graduate of chair (1974), a doctor of the technical sciences (2005), the professor (2007) supervised. Works in KSTU on chair since 1974. Scientific researches of the professor Dyomin V. F. are devoted questions of effective involving in working off of stocks low-power and complex-structural layers. Results of researches are published in one monography, more than 120 printing works, including 55 copyright certificates and patents.

Since September, 2008 managing the chair appoints Isabek Tuyak, the mountain engineer, graduate of chair (1972), the professor (2001), the full member of academy of Natural sciences of RК (2005). The Direction of its scientific activity works on chair since 1977 is connected with a problem of working out of local sites and coal layers with difficult mountain-geological and mining conditions, and also creation of high-efficiency lavas and effective technologies of working out of the layers dangerous on sudden emissions. The author more than 140 scientific and scientifically-methodical works.

In 1995 on chair the first release of students in groups with a training state language is carried out. The chairs developed by teachers in a state language manuals, methodical instructions on performance of practical and laboratory works, course and degree projects have allowed the majority of students to execute and protect successfully degree projects in a state language. In 1995-2003 116 experts, eleven of them are let out, honours degrees are given out.

The Faculty of chair which was a part of educational-methodical association of high schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan, spends the big work on working out of the state obligatory standards on specialties «Underground mining of mineral deposits» and «Open-cast mining of mineral deposits».

On chair computer technologies under the programs developed by teachers for carrying out practical and laboratory researches, performance of course and degree projects are widely used, training systems and electronic textbooks on the separate disciplines read for students of a mountain profile are developed.

With a view of approach training students to manufacture on mine “Saransk”, one of front lines in pool, organizes chair branch where carrying out of employment by teachers together with leading technical officers of mine is planned.

For improvement of quality of preparation of mountain engineers in 2000 together with chair of mountain cars the training ground for carrying out practical and laboratory researches where operating samples of the modern mountain-mine equipment are presented is completely updated: dredging and passing combines, sections of various types mechanized piles, laying the conveyor, starting and protective equipment.

Scientific work on chair is spent in a close connection with manufacture. The scientific potential defined by professors and also highly skilled experts, allows to solve large problems of mountain manufacture.

Many researches have been directed on improvement of ecological safety of the mountain environment, an establishment of ways of the further increase level of concentration mountain manufacture and an intensification of underground technology of mountain works on mines. Scientific bases of reliability of technological schemes of the mountain enterprises, methods of synthesis and optimisation of technological schemes of collieries, a technique of forecasting of the basic technical and economic indicators are developed.

The big merits in formation and chair development belong to colleague A.S.Saginov to the professor Kvon Sergey, who has died in 2007. Kvon S.S. – the mountain engineer who has ended the Moscow college of mines in 1948, the professor (1973), since 1948 for 1957 – worked at the coal enterprises of Karaganda, since 1957 for 1960 – the senior lecturer of chair WOMD. It is sent to institute “Karagandagiproshaht” where has worked to 1967 year. The chief engineer of projects, the chief of technical department, the assistant to the chief engineer of institute. In 1967 comes back to scientific and pedagogical work on chair.

S.S. Kvon was the author of the first «Complex projects of reconstruction of operating mine fund, development and development of the Karaganda pool for 1965-1985». These projects were highly appreciated and have been confirmed by the former State Committee on fuel industry at the State Planning Committee of the USSR as the basic technical direction in the further development of the Karaganda pool. Realization of the basic decisions «Complex projects …» has played the big role in effective development of the Karaganda pool, achievement of high technical and economic indicators

S.S.Kvon’s scientific works are devoted perfection of ways of opening and preparation of mine fields, synthesis of technological schemes of collieries, optimization of their parametres and working out of the automated systems of designing, re-structuring and a diversification of mine fund of the Karaganda pool.

These researches have brought the considerable contribution to a mountain science and have enriched scientific bases of designing, opening and preparation of mine fields by new progressive directions.

In the Karaganda pool considerable successes in concentration of manufacture, realization of a principle “mine-lava” are reached, perfection of ways of opening and preparation of mine fields, working out systems, loading increase on  dredging a site, etc. In working out and introduction of these actions and achievement of high indicators a considerable role scientific researches, practical studies and S.S.Kvon’s recommendations have played.

By it is published about 200 scientific articles, 16 monographies, 65 copyright certificates on inventions are received.

Drizhd Nikolay – the mountain engineer who has ended the Dnepropetrovsk college of mines in 1948, the professor (1991). With 1948 for 1976 occupied supervising posts on collieries of Karaganda. Since 1976 – the director for manufacture, in 1979-1989 – the General director “Karagandaugol”, since 1989 works on chair. N.A.Drizhd is the honourable citizen of Karaganda, Shahtinsk, Saran.
N.A.Drizhd has brought the considerable contribution to technical progress of the coal enterprises of the Karaganda pool. N.A.Drizhd’s industrial work combined with the active research activity directed on perfection of technology of working out of coal layers, mechanisation of productions, creation of safe working conditions of miners. At its direct participation for the first time on pool mines are introduced systems of working out, system of working out by strips on falling, technology of working off of the layers inclined to sudden emissions of coal and gas and layers with the high maintenance of hydrogen sulphide, technology it is mountain-installation works with application of the mechanized complexes.
N.A.Drizhd was the head of group at regional administration managerial control on working out of the concept of re-structuring and a diversification of mine and career fund of the Karaganda pool, reflecting basically the problems of the further development of the Karaganda pool.

The author of 52 inventions has published 5 monographies, 120 scientific articles.

Berkaliev Bazylbek – the mountain engineer who has ended in 1951 the Kazakh mountain-metallurgical institute, a doctor of the technical sciences (1991), the professor (1992), the academician of AMR RK (1996).

With 1951 on 1962 – worked at the enterprises of the Ministry of nonferrous metallurgy of the USSR, in 1963-1965 – the science officer of IGD АН of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, 1966-1981 – the senior lecturer of chair WOMD; 1981-1997 – the head of Karaganda branch IGD AN KazSSR, since 1997 – the professor of chair.

The basic directions of scientific researches are devoted questions of complex development of bowels, working out of rational variants of opening of miner fields, schemes of dredging of the deposits providing completeness of extraction of stocks, with application of the high-efficiency self-propelled equipment, to creation ecologically safe and technologies of working out of ore deposits, working out of underground technogenic deposits with the set parametres. Results of researches are reflected in five monographies, more than in two hundred scientific articles, is received twenty five copyright certificates on inventions.

Arystan Ibatolla – the mountain engineer (KSTU, 1961 year). The works on chair since 1967, the candidate of technical sciences (1973), the senior lecturer (1975), professor of KSTU. Being deputy chief EMU, spends the big work on the organization and methodical maintenance of students in groups with a training state language on university specialties.
The basic directions of research are directed on studying of geomechanical processes of files of rocks on deep horizons of collieries and mines.

Results of researches are reflected in 45 printing proceedings, 9 copyright certificates and patents.

Smagulov Zeken – the mountain engineer, in 1964 has ended KSTU on a speciality «Underground mining of mineral deposits». The experience of scientific and pedagogical work – 40 years. Candidate of technical sciences (1970), the senior lecturer (1973), professor KSTU, the corresponding member of AEN RK (1998). More than 20 years headed various divisions of institute (university) – the director of Zhezkazgansky branch (1975-1977), the dean construction (1979-1983), evening (1985-1988), mountain (1988-2000) faculties. It publishes over 70 scientific and uchebno-methodical works the Honours pupil of formation of the USSR and KazSSR.

From recent time for chair began to work c.t.s., senior lecturer S.S.Kulnijaz.

The senior teachers T.D.Malchenko, N.A.Nemova, – leading teachers on preparation of engineers on a speciality «Open-cast mining of mineral deposits». Results of the scientific researches spent by them under the system analysis of open mountain works. It is a lot of forces and work put to preparation of engineers of an underground profile. Now on chair together with skilled professors and senior lecturers young teachers M.K.Baizbaev and Sh.B.Zeitinova who while specialise on carrying out practical and laboratory researches work.

Active participation of the faculty in scientific researches promoted increase of their professional qualification. Special disciplines are taught taking into account results of scientific workings out of employees of chair, many of which represent new scientific and technical directions in mining.

From 1955 for 2004 teachers of chair have protected 11 theses for a doctor’s degree: A.S.Saginov (1967), S.S.Kvon (1971), J.A.Vexler (1973), K.N.Adilov (1980), N.A.Drizhd (1989), E.P.Bragin (1990), B.T.Berkaliev (1991), T.K. Isabek (1997), G.M.Prezent (1999), B.Zh.Hamimolda (2001)., V.F.Dyomin (2004).

Four teachers of chair are members of dissertational councils about protection candidate and theses for a doctor’s degree. Professor Isabek T.K. included into advisory council KKSON MON RK.

Versatile subjects of carried out scientific researches in a combination to presence on chair of postgraduate study, a magistracy and doctoral studies form a stable basis of preparation of scientific and pedagogical shots of the top skills.

In 1961-2006 on chair 112 candidate of technical sciences are prepared. Supervised over authors of dissertation of professor A.S.Saginov (52 people), S.S.Kvon (29 people), K.N.Adilov (12 people), B.T.Berkaliev (15 people), U.A.Vexler (5 people).

At the left-to the right, on the bottom number: T.D.Malchenko, N.A.Drizhd, S.S.Kvon, B.T.Berkaliev, E.G.Root, I.D.Arystan, Z.M.Smagulov, T.K.Isabek. At the left-to the right, on the top number: V.F.Demin, A.Nurpeisova, O.S.Serbo, V.V.Efimov, N.I.Popov, R.U.Mustafina, R.K.Kamarov, A.J.Funnikov, S.K.Zhamankulov, G.A.Aukeshev, J.N.Davydov.

Results of research work of the faculty and research assistants of chair WOMD are shined in many scientific and technical magazines and collections of proceedings, and also in textbooks, manuals (38), monographies (61) and brochures (27). More than 300 inventions are confirmed by copyright certificates, 18 patents are received.

The chair has long-term contracts about passage of practice with cuts of Ekibastuzsky pool, joint-stock company UD mines «Arselor Mittal of Temirtau», mines “Kazakhaltyn”, open society “Borly”, joint-stock company Corporation “Kazakhmys” (cuts of “Borly” and “Shubarkolsky”), “Vostokkazmed”, joint-stock company transnational company “Kazhrom”, the Euroasian power corporation, open society «Aluminium of Kazakhstan»,  “New zinc”, Sokolovsko-Sarbajskoe mountain-concentrating association.

With a view of the further improvement of quality of preparation of mountain engineers, development of material base, the chair works in a direction training on the basis of use of modern computer technologies, creation of electronic textbooks and manuals with use technology of multimedia, workings out of materials on remote training. For a possibility of independent electronic testing of knowledge students by all kinds of control, the further replenishment base of test questions on all disciplines read by teachers of chair. Creation of the database containing a wide spectrum of help information, used is planned at training, at performance of course and degree projects.