The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

Department of mineral development prepares specialists in different trajectories of learning.


Bachelor of Engineering and Technology “on the educational program 6В07202 -” Mining “can perform the following types of professional activities: production and technological activities:

– carry out technical management of mining and blasting operations, as well as works to ensure the functioning of equipment and technical systems of mining; develop, agree on regulatory documents governing the procedure for performing mining, blasting operations, as well as work related to the operation of equipment, to ensure compliance with the requirements of technical documentation for the production of work, current norms, rules and standards; to implement measures to improve the environmental safety of mining; be guided in practice by the principles of the integrated geo-resource potential of the subsoil; to implement measures to improve and improve the technical conditions of mining, to ensure the competitiveness of the organization in modern economic conditions; determine the spatial and geological position of objects; operate equipment and technical means to ensure efficient and safe implementation of technological processes in the production of mining operations; organization of the production process during the construction and operation of mining enterprises, various objects on the surface and underground; ensuring the execution of mining and construction works in accordance with projects, technical requirements and safety rules. Organizational and managerial activities: – to organize their work and labor relations in a team based on modern methods, management principles, best practices, technical, social and personal factors; organize work to improve their own professional level and knowledge of employees, their training and certification in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents; search for optimal solutions when performing work with a couple of quality requirements, deadlines and environmental friendliness. Design and engineering activities:

– perform calculations of technological processes, productivity of technical means of complex mechanization of work, throughput of transport systems of mining enterprises, draw up work organization schedules, develop the necessary technical documentation, draw up passports of mining and drilling and blasting operations; preparation of an assignment for the development of design solutions. Functions of professional activity The functions of professional activity include: – design, planning and management of mining operations; – organization, implementation and control of production processes; – development of operational plans for the work of production units; – ensuring safe conditions for mining and construction work, labor protection and the environment.

Areas of professional activity Areas of professional activity include:

  • substantiation of the main parameters of mines, mines, quarries and open-pit mines;
  • development of technological schemes for opening, preparation and development of reserves of solid minerals using means of complex mechanization and automation of mining operations of a high technical level;
  • -development and selection of technical means and technology of mining operations in accordance with the conditions of their use; introduction of advanced methods and forms of organization of production and labor;
  • development of comprehensive measures for environmental protection and improving the environmental safety of mining in the development of mineral deposits;
  • development and implementation of a technical and economic assessment of the conditions for the construction of engineering structures for underground facilities,
  • development and implementation of legal frameworks for industrial safety and sanitation in the development of mineral deposits.

“Bachelor of Engineering and Technology” under the educational program 6В07203 “Oil and Gas Business” can perform the following types of professional activities:

production and technological activities: at enterprises directly involved in field and plant preparation, transportation and storage of oil, oil products and gas; organizational and managerial activities: at enterprises, companies and organizations of the oil industry with a certain production experience; design and development activities: in design and design institutes, bureaus and organizations involved in the design of processes, technologies and equipment for the transport and storage of oil and gas after graduation from the relevant magistracy;

scientific and educational activities: in research institutes and laboratories for the study of reservoirs and wells, physical and chemical properties of reservoir fluids, pumped and stored liquids and gases.

Functions of professional activity

The main functions of the professional activity of graduates are: organization, design, production and operation of oil and gas complexes; ensuring safe working conditions, labor and environmental protection.

Areas of professional activity

Areas of professional activity include: work at enterprises for the processing and production of petroleum products, in service and contracting organizations of the oil and gas industry, design organizations, bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, state technical supervision, environmental and regulatory organizations, consulting organizations.