News of the Department of History of Kazakhstan

April 28, 2018 teachers of the Department of History of Kazakhstan Kasimova SS, Temirzhanova Sh.M. and the head of student groups “Serpin” Zhetpisbai Sh.A. an excursion to the village of Malinovka is organized in the museum “ALZHIR”. The excursion was attended by 1 st year students of mining, machine-building, economic faculties, student hostel activists (totally 120 students) and head of the department of history of Kazakhstan Sagatova AS, art. teacher of the chair Nurligenova Z.N, art. lecturer of the department of the SRS Sarsenbekov N.Zh. The museum’s guides acquainted the students with the tragic fate of the victims of Stalin’s repression. Among the prisoners of “ALZHIR” were women well-known throughout the post-Soviet space, singer Lydia Ruslanova, actresses Tatyana Okunevskaya, Natalia Sats, wives of statesmen N.Nurmakov, S.Hojanov, B.Maylin, N.Syrgabekov, J.Saduakasov, T. Zhurgenov and others. During the Great Patriotic War, all of them, known or unknown, made a greater contribution to the victory over fascism. The students got acquainted with the life of the prisoners of ALZHIR, the punishment for the faults, the living conditions, the torture chamber. About the difficult camp life of prisoners gives a full view of the museum’s exposition. The students were greatly impressed by the exhibits, the materials of the museum: photographs, diagrams, maps, copies of documents for arrest and shooting, objects of old way of life, weapons reflecting the stages of the struggle of the Kazakh people against mass repressions. In the final part, the documentary “The Prisoners of ALGERIA” was watched. Students enjoyed the tour and were impressed.

25.04.2018. conducted an intellectual game on “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? The idea to make accessible the best university literature of the world in the Kazakh language belongs to the President of Kazakhstan. On April 12, 2017, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed an extensive program called “Bolashak ba-dar: ruhan jahyrou” – the idea of ​​transferring the world’s best educational books came into it. And, after exactly a year, the National Translation Agency will report on the results of the work done, which became the operator of the special project “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language. “To popularize this program in the student environment, the department” History of Kazakhstan “KSTU 25.04.2018. conducted an intellectual game on “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?”. The head of the department of the ASSagatova told the participants of the game – to the students of the 1st year of KSTU about the role of the program “100 best textbooks”. Before the game Zhetpisbayev AO made a speech, which outlined the role and significance of the international intellectual movement “What? Where? When? “, He noted the goals of the tournament and outlined the main perspectives in KSTU. Further on, the associate professor of the chair of the ICS.S.Kasimova acquainted the participants with the rules and the course of the game, system scoring of points and determining the best player, captain and winner’s team. As a result of the decision of the organizing committee and jury members, teams were defined – winners, and the best players in two tests. The diploma for the occupied 1 place was received by the team “Jiger” (City club “What? Where? When?”). 2nd place was taken by the team of Kallipso “A-Team”, the 3rd place was the team “Alash”. The best player on the score was the player of the team “Alash” Kayyrberli Aidana BT-17-2 (KSTU).

April 23 at the department “History of Kazakhstan” was held a round table in memory of an outstanding writer – a participant in the Second World War, the owner of many honorary titles and awards Kasim Kaisenov. The event was timed to coincide with his birthday. On April 23, 2018, Kasym Kaisen turned 100 years old. A short introductory word from the Round Table participants was welcomed by the lecturer of the department Nurlan Oshanov. He stressed the fact that Kazakhstanis – participants in the war have repeatedly demonstrated their heroism in the implementation of the largest operations and battles. One of which was the jubilee – Kasym Kaisenov. Kasym Kaisenov is the author of more than 30 works, public figure, Honorary Citizen of Ukraine. With his biography we were introduced by the students of the group GD-17-7 A.Amirov and A.Zhaksylykov, about the heroic deeds prepared by the presentation students of the group NVP-17-1 Ә.Tileul, U. Noyanov. Students A.Ahmetova, A.Kulymbet, N.Tilebekova acquainted the participants of the round table with their own analysis of the works of Kasym Kaisenov.

A student of the group Gd-17-7 G.Tuyakbai told the stories of great love of Kasym-ag and his wife Asyl-apa. The love carried through the years of difficulties and hardships. The round table was summed up by the senior lecturer Aidar Zhetpisbaev, who noted that the war is always crippled destinies, human tragedies and not a reason for the growth of militaristic sentiments. Responsible for the educational work of the Department of History of Kazakhstan Kasimova S.S., the teacher Zhetypisbayev A.O.

23.04. 2018, the Methodological Seminar “Tolerance and Religious Politics in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union”, organized by the Karelian State University named after E.A. Buketov and the Center for Ethnocultural and Historical Anthropological Studies. The lecturers of the event were Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies of Nazarbayev University Daniel Scarborough, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Nazarbayev University Curtis Murphy, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies of Nazarbayev University Rosalia Garipova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, ENU named after LN. Gumilev A.S. Musagaliyeva, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the KSU named after EA. Buketova ZG Saktaganova. After the reports were heard, a discussion took place on the topic of the study.

April 18, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan Kasimova SS. in the evening news program of the TV channel “Saryarқa” (Kazakhstan-Qaraqanda), she spoke on the project “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language “. According to Kasimova SS. implementation of the project “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language “within the framework of the” Ruhani zharyrou “program will create conditions for a full-fledged education of students in history, political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, culture and philology. Thanks to the implementation of this program, students already have a unique opportunity to study the works of the world’s leading scientists not only in their native language, but also adapted to modern Kazakhstani realities. These textbooks will give students of universities the opportunity to learn from the best world models and expand their knowledge of different areas of science.

April 18, 2018 in KSU School № 5 (Resource Center KSTU) in Karaganda a round table was held on the theme “A strong foundation – the basis of statehood” to discuss the book of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev’s “Era of Independence”. E.Kosherbayev took part in the round table. – Director of the RCSE of the school № 5; Suleimenova M.Zh., Kasimova S.S. – candidates of historical sciences, associate professors of the department of history of Kazakhstan KSTU; Molotov-Luchansky VB – professor, advisor to the rector of the KSMU; Zhyntaeva Z.N. – Candidate of Philology, KarSU. E.A. Buketov; Shyraymanova G. – Professor of the Department “Transport and Vocational Training”, KarSU. E.A. Buketov; Abylkasymova G.K. – Associate Professor of the University; Smagulova N.A. – Director of the College of “Innovation Technologies” KSTU. Associate Professor of KarGTU Suleimenova M.Zh. made a report on the topic “Economic modernization of Kazakhstan at the present stage”. Associate Professor of KarGTU Kasimova SS made a presentation on “Development and modernization of education and science of Kazakhstan at the present stage”. At the end of the events, the winners and prize-winners of the drawing contest (grades 1-4), essay contest “Тuуелсіз еркіндігің, елдігің. Eleutherbet өзге елдермен тең бүгіні “(9 – 10 classes) were awarded diplomas and diplomas.

April 16, 2018 senior lecturer of the department of Amerkhanova I.B. organized an excursion in the memorial museum of academician Ye.A. bouquet Karaganda state museum at the address: Karaganda, ul. 38. The memorial museum of Academician E. A. Buketov was visited by the students of the following groups: tmo-17-2 (on), nvp-17-2s of the faculty of masts (in the number of 8 people). In her presentation, the main guide of the museum, ayaula adambekovna, noted that student youth the region plays a major role in the future development of Kazakhstan, according to the program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev “Ruhani zhazyru” young people should know their origins, culture, history. The excursion was dedicated to the life and work of the academician of the Kazakh SSR, the Kazakh scientist in the field of chemistry and metallurgy, the doctor of chemical sciences. students learned that since December 16, 1991 the Karaganda State University bears the name of E.A.Buketov, where he was the first rector of the university. In the museum students could see archival documents, scientific materials, books written by Academician EA Baketov himself, a collection of gifts, letters, awards and other items revealing the activity of EA Buketov. an excursion to the memorial museum of Academician EA Buketov liked the students, was held in a constructive, friendly, Amerkhanova Zh.B.

16.04.18. according to the plan of the department and KSTU “Rukhani zharyrou” the teacher of the department organized an excursion to the museum of the Karaganda regional museum of history and local lore with the students on the program “Serpin”. Purpose: to get acquainted with the history of the country, educate a sense of patriotism and pride in your Motherland. The museum hall has 4 departments: the department of general history, archeology and ethnography, the department of modern history, the department of funds, the department of excursion and mass work. The museum exposition is located in 16 rooms and represents the history of the region from ancient times to the formation and development of the region in the conditions of Independent Kazakhstan at the present stage.

The museum’s collections contain collections of archaeological items from the Paleolithic and Neolithic epochs on the territory of Central Kazakhstan, over 1000 species of paleontological exhibits, as well as objects dating from the XVIII-XV centuries. BC, a collection of ethnography and arts and crafts; documentary materials about the first explorers of the region, MPRusakov, AAGapeev, KISatpayev, creators of the Kazakh statehood-autonomy “Alash” and the party “Alash-Orda”: A. Bukeikhanov, A. Baytursynov, A. Ermekov, M. Dulatov and others. This excursion made a good impression on the students, they received information on the Internet and they liked the exhibits of the museum. The excursion was organized by the teacher of the department of history of Kazakhstan – Temirzhanova Sh.M.

April 11, 2018 at 12.00 in the conference hall of the main building of KSTU there was a presentation of a new book of the graduate of KSTU, candidate of technical sciences, professor of the KarSU named after. Academician E.A. Buketov Smailov Toleugazy Khasenovich “Know your roots”. The event was organized by the Department of History of Kazakhstan within the framework of the state program “Ruhani zharyrou”. The moderator of the event was Ph.D., head. Department of History of Kazakhstan Sagatova Asem Serikovna. The event was attended by: Alpysbaeva Nazym Amangazievna – Ph.D., associate professor, pro-rector for educational work of KSTU, Usbekembayev Kanat Saduakasovich – Candidate of History, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of “Archeology, Ethnology and Patriotic History” E.A. Buketova, Telpekbaeva Sanduғash Orynbaevna – head of the Department of Local Lore Literature of the Karaganda Regional Universal Scientific Library. N.V. Gogol, Zhanibek Aliman is a correspondent of the regional newspaper Ortaly Kazakstan and the PPS of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, students of the I course of the machine-building faculty. The welcoming speech was made by the pro-rector on the KarSTU VR Alpysbaeva NA, who stopped at the life and creative path of T.Kh. Smailova. Smailov TH – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of the KarSU. Academician E.A. Buketov, after graduating from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute (1959), worked for 13 years as the chief of the site, the head of the shift of mine No. 31 in Karaganda. Over 40 years he worked at the Department of Marketing, KarSU. E.A. Buketov. Awarded with a breastplate “Y. Altynsarin. ” She went on to talk about Alimkhan Yermekov and stressed that “Alimkhan Yermekov is not only a scientist but also a man – a legend who made a great contribution to the reunification of the Kazakh lands, made every effort to ensure the integrity of the Kazakh territory and defended the present border of Kazakhstan.” Employee of Karaganda OUNB im. N.V. Gogol Telpekbaeva S.O. told about the work of the department of local lore literature of the library, where the main function of the department is collection and creation of local lore information resources, dissemination of local lore information. Also I was pleased with the participants of the event with a proposal to digitize the author’s new book and include it in the electronic database “Karaganda: People, Events, Facts” of the OUNB them. N.V. Gogol, on the popularization of creativity of writers, poets, natives of the Karaganda region.

At the end of the event, the words of great gratitude to Professor T.H. Smailova expressed the head. Department of History of Kazakhstan А.С. Sagatov and presented the author with a memorable gift. Responsible for BP cafe. history of Kazakhstan Kasimova S.S.

06. 04. 2018 Senior teacher Tleugabylova K.S. conducted field career guidance work in the secondary school # 2 in the village of Kishkenecol in the North-Kazakhstan region, in the Ualikhan district. During the conversation schoolchildren asked questions concerning the military department, the hostel. In general, agreements were concluded, booklets were distributed.

28.03.2018 г.  PPS of the department Sagatova A.S, Oshanov N.Z. and the 1st year students of KSTU took part in the event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Karaganda concert association named after Kali Baizhanov on the topic “Arka auenin askaktatkan”, conducted by the local lore department of the central city library named after  M.O.Auezova. Also representatives of Karaganda concert association named after Kali Baizhanov were invited to the event. The Karaganda regional philharmonic society was established in 1938. In 1990 she was given the name of the famous Kazakh singer, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Kali Baizhanov. Artists of the association, propagandizing the art of Kazakhstan, went on tour in many countries of the world: the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Turkey, etc. The event was given to the student of the group BT-17 at the grand prix of the regional aitys of akyns “Armasy”, әz Nauryz -2 Ospanov Bekarys. All the participants of the event received letters of appreciation.

10 января 2018 г. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev delivered an annual Message to the people of Kazakhstan “New Opportunities in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The Message of the Head of State was the most important and relevant in its content a program document aimed at adapting in the new world – the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in an era of profound and rapid changes: technological, economic and social. In the new Message, the Head of State aims Kazakhstanis to solve 10 global problems: 1. Industrialization should become the flagship of introducing new technologies, more innovative, taking advantage of the new technological structure 4.0. Next, a pilot project on the digitization of several industrial enterprises should be implemented. Particular importance is the development of IT and engineering services. 2. Further development of the resource potential. Implement information technology platforms and renew energy sources (RES). There are already 55 renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan with a total capacity of 336 MW. Further, the President calls for investing in “green” technologies. The development of agrarian science, engaged in the transfer of new technologies and their adaptation to domestic conditions. The introduction of unmanned equipment will reduce the cost of farming. Further, it is necessary to increase the science intensity of the agro-industrial complex, which will strengthen the co-operation of farms. 4. Increasing the efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure. The introduction of digital technologies, such as a block to track the movement of goods in the online mode, an intelligent transport system. In the fifth paragraph, President N.A. Nazarbayev draws attention to the introduction of modern technologies in construction and utilities, which will make housing affordable for the general public. It is necessary to address the modernization of housing and communal infrastructure. 6. Overloading the financial sector. Here, the President draws attention to the economic responsibility of banks, emphasizing that the activities of financial institutions on the part of the National Bank should be tough, and the National Bank must finally resolve the issue of foreign currency mortgage loans. 7. In the seventh paragraph of his Epistle, N.A.Nazarbayev marks human capital as the basis of modernization. This includes a new quality of education: in preschool education – to introduce uniform standards for programs for the early development of children; on average, the transition to updated content; to revise the approaches to training and the growth of teachers’ qualifications. Further, the President dwells on the introduction of a new methodology for studying the Kazakh language for Russian-language schools. Determine a clear timetable for switching to the Latin alphabet before 2025. In higher education, increase the number of graduates trained in information technology; develop university science. The President emphasizes the need for first-class health care and a healthy nation. In the framework of his new Message, the Head of State allocates high-quality employment and an equitable social security system. The 8th paragraph refers to effective state management. The introduction of a new system of labor remuneration, to reveal the potential of the effectiveness of civil service in the regions. Point 9 is aimed at continuing the fight against corruption and affirming the rule of law. Pay attention to the provision of targeted social assistance to the poorly bogged layers of gentry. The 10th item of the Epistle is called “Smart Cities for an Intelligent Nation”, here it is noted how important our country, Astana, has for the country. Clever cities, the President emphasizes will be the locomotives of regional development.

On February 28, 2018 at 11.00 in the conference hall of the main building of KSTU took place the presentation of the new book “Society, Institutes and Social Science” by the leading sociologist and political scientist, candidate of historical sciences, assistant professor Esengaraeva Eset Zhemisbekovich. The event is organized by the Department of History of Kazakhstan. The moderator of the event was the manager. Department of History of Kazakhstan Sagatova AS The presentation was attended by: Professor, Doctor of History KSU them. E.A. Buketova Saktaganova Z.G; pro-rector on educational work of KSTU, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Alpysbaeva N.A; teachers, scientists and students of KSTU. The book is devoted to the problem of the development of modernization. Modernization of society can be successful if it is able to change its knowledge and organization of elements of its life. “You have to be able to practice complexity,” he says. “Then the younger generation will develop, and then our society will follow.” At the end of the event, an interesting discussion developed between the author of the book and the students. The students fiercely defended their point of view about our society, and E.Zh. Esengaraev, in turn, directed their vital positions and thoughts in the right direction. Students and teachers thanked the author of the book for an interesting meeting.

On February 23, 2018  a meeting of students and teachers of the Department of History of Kazakhstan with the “Person of the Century”, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Informatization Academy Koketai Temirgali Abildauli was held at the KarSTU in the machine-building faculty. The moderator of the meeting was the senior adviser of the department of history of Kazakhstan Oshanov N.Z. The meeting was opened by the pro-rector for the KSTU VR, Ph.D., associate professor Alpysbaeva NA which with particular warmth stressed the role and merits of Professor TA. Coquette in development physical science in Kazakhstan. Then the students of the first year showed a presentation devoted to a brief biography of the life of the scientist. candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the chair History of Kazakhstan SS. Kasimova detailed on the most significant merits of the famous scientist at the world level: Temirgali Abildauli Koketai Academician of the National Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Academy informatization. By the decision of the International Biographical Center at the University of Cambridge, his name was included in the prestigious publication “Outstanding People of the 20th Century,” a silver medal was awarded. He is an active member of the Russian Federation Optical Society. Christmas. In 2002, the American Biographical Institute elected TA. Coquette an honorary adviser to the publishing house. In 2007 he received a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science “The best teacher of the university”. In 2009 he was elected a foreign member of the Nanotechnological Society of Russia. I was invited to give a lecture in Oxford University. Professor Koketay TA is the initiator and organizer of the scientific conference on solid state physics, which since 1986 is regularly held in Kazakhstan. During this time, she turned from the republican into an authoritative international forum of scientists, where new results of scientific research on solid-state physics are discussed and under the direction of Temirgali Abildaula perspective directions and specific tasks in the republic for the future are outlined. He created a large scientific school, the achievements of which are well known to the scientific community not only in the CIS countries, but also beyond its borders. During the meeting, the students asked the professor current and interesting questions, to which they received detailed answers. Also in the event took part the head of the department of local lore of the Karaganda city library. M. Auezova G.R. Zhyltybaeva. Summarizing the Act. head of the department of history of Kazakhstan AS Sagatova expressed gratitude to Professor T.A. Koketay for such a memorable bright meeting. The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere and ended with a photograph for memory.

February 9, 2018 at 11.00 in KSTU the round table devoted to studying and discussion of the priority tasks put forward in the new Message of the President of RK N.A. Nazarbayev “New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution” of January 10, 2018 and familiarization with the book “The Era of Independence” of Elbasy. Moderator of the discussion was Kasimova SS. – Candidate of History, Associate Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, KSTU. The round table was attended by: N.A. Alpysbaeva – vice-rector for educational work of KSTU, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, D.B. Malayev is the head of the department of scientific and expert support and methodological support of KSU “Kokamdy kelisim” of the apparatus of the akim of the Karaganda region E.B. Kasenov – Head of the Department of Social and Educational Disciplines of the Academy “Bolashak”, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, G.A. Zhumasultanova – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology, KarSU. Academician E.A. Buketova, A.S. Sagatova – Head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, Candidate of Philosophy, M.Zh. Suleimenova – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and students of KSTU.

December 8-9, 2017 E.A. Bөketov atyndaғy Karagandy Kazakhstan Memlekettik universitetіnің tarihy zhane ҚHA 2017 The department of zhyldyң 8-9 zheltoқsanynda “Rouhani zhaңғyru” Prezidenttіk Baғdarlamasyn zhүzege sheңberіnde Asyr “Kazakhstan – Menin Otan” atta IІІ respublikalyқ studenttіk ғylymi-tәzhіribelіk konferentsiyasyn өtkіzdі. The conference is attended by a student at the Salyk, GIK-17-1, a student of Madina “Ruhani zhanyru-zhastar tburbisinde”, Kazymbek Azhar “Eltarali” tatuly-eeldegi tұraқtylyқtң belgisi,and  student of ND-17-2 Meirbekov Almaskhan told about the theme “December events: history and lessons”. Participants of the conference were awarded with certificates. Kassymbek Azhar was awarded  the III degree diploma.

December 6, 2017 in the main building of KSTU in 338 auditorium was held an annual student scientific and practical conference «Моя Отчизна – Казахстан». In the conference took part the professor-teaching staff of the department “History of Kazakhstan”. The conference was moderated by a moderator and moderator. en Chairsoy, Ph.D. SAGATOVA AS Ответственные за проведение мероприятия – м.п.н., ст. teacher NIligenova ZN, mn.d., teacher Temirzhanova Sh.M. The author was quoted by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor KarGU. EA Buketova Saktaganova ZG, the head of the department “Polytechology and sociology” KarGU. EA Buketova MD, Associate Professor Kosherbaev DB, have been invited by the guest and students of the “Moy Otchizna – Kazakhstan” Scientific and Practical Conference.

The student-scientific conference “Moy Otchizna – Kazakhstan” was attended by students of the University of KarGU EA. Boketova and KSTU. Nailo represented 35 papers. After reviewing the conferences, the following press releases will be devoted to the current problems of modern Kazakhstan:

  1. Asan Aizat ЭЭ-17-3 “Eternal country, starting from the breast of the Great Steppe” – Ph.D., st. teacher Sagatova AS
  2. Mayrbekov Almashan ND-17-1 “Zheltoksan hurrican” – st. the teacher Tleugalylov K.S. 3. Kargar Mohamad Akbar, Mohabi Samigulla TT-17-3 “The Kazakh Khanate of Kassym Khan” – st. the teacher Tleugalylov K.S. 4. Abuov Kassymzhomart “The Great City that Ulytau Three Brothers” – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Shaymukhanova RA
  3. Kabysheva Gulbanu 1st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​”Kazayment Kazybek bi: Person and State” – PhD, Associate Professor Dzhumabekov Zh.A.
    Asaukhan Sabina 1st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​KA-11 “International Exhibition EXPO-2017: Relevance, Economic Effectiveness and Perspectives for the Future” – Ph.D., Professor Alimbaev TA 7. Luchin Dmitry Log-17-2 “Role of patriotic childhood in the Republic of Kazakhstan” – a scientific manager of the epicenter, p. teacher Nurligenova ZN 8. Sayazhanova Aibota 1st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​KA-13 “Spiritual Modernization” – Candidate of Science, Associate Professor Kentbek SK.
  4. Makhanova Galiya, Karimtaeva Dana 1 st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​KAF-12 «Strategy« Kazakhstan-2050 », bright way of development» – Sakabay TK Senior Lecturer, Department of Archeology, Ethnology and Homeland History
  5. Bahtybaeva Saniya, 1st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. President Nursultan Nazarbaev’s 1958-1979 Labor activity in Karaganda region – Smagulov NB Senior Lecturer, Department of History of Kazakhstan and Chair of the APK
  6. Bezrukov Viktor RET-17-3 “Economic Situation in the Context of Kazakhstan: Fundamental Problems and Solutions” – PhD, st. Teacher Kazbekova NA
    Baltabayeva Aizhan, Omarova Ayaulym 1st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​”The Idea of ​​Independence of Alash Intellectuals” – Senior Lecturer Akhmetzhanova N.Zh.
  7. Shaken Zhansaya BJD-17-1 “The Honorary Citizen of Alash – Oraz Isaev” – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Sakganova ZG 14. Bulentova Sarbina- nas-17 “Life and work Ch.Valikhanova” – Ph.D. st. teacher Amerhanova JB 15. Kenzhebek Jantore is a prize-winner of the MASH-17-3 “Diplomacy of Kazakhstan

Formation “- PhD, lecturer Temirzhanova Sh.M.

  1. Margulanov Nurim ЭЭ-17-1 “Independence-Attractive” – ​​Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Kasimova SS The student-practical conference «Моя Отчизна – Казахстан» was attended by student group ПСК-17-1 Serikkali K., RET-17-1, R. Bakytzhanuly, were quoted as “Adai”, “Moody Wave”.

November 20-30 A contest of skill in 3D format “My native land” Within the framework of the Message of the Head of the State “Spiritual Revival” within the framework of the Karaganda State Technical University on November 20-30 there was a competition of the 1st year students’ contest on the theme “Birth Land” in 3D format. This competition is a project to promote respect and love for the native land are. The competition was held in MP4 or AVI, Movavi Suite Sony or Vegas Pro software, with a minimum of 10 minutes, including eight open requirements. All 48 works were processed. Tleugabylova KS, Nurligenova ZN, Temirzhanova Sh.M. entered. It was very hard to choose who was stronger than the strongest.3 D Award nominations were nominated for the format of the competition;1) For sincerity and resourcefulness – Iliyasov E, Botlay D., Borankulov A. AIU 17-1 (researcher Kasymova SS)2) For special excitement of creativity Esimbek N arkh 17-1 (researcher Oshanov NZ)3) For best presentation, Murat G, Omar A, Asanova D, Kuanyshova E1717 (Tleukabylova K.) 4) Students of the group C 17-1 (for example, Temirzhanova Sh.M) for an exclusive presentation 5) TT 17-2 for performance of skills, Orynbekova A., Iliyasov A., Shaymukhanova RATleugabylova KS Responsible for the competition in 3D format “Birth Land”The Olympiad on the subject “Contemporary History of Kazakhstan” was held.On the occasion of the Day of the First President, on the occasion of the Day of the First President, on December 1, the Department of History of Kazakhstan and the Olympiad on the subject “Contemporary History of Kazakhstan” were held in the Karaganda State Technical University in order to educate the youth on patriotism. The Olympiad was held among the first year students of our university. The Olympics were attended by the best and most influential people.Judges composition:Suleimenova MZ, associate professor, Kasimova SS – Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor, Tleugabylova KS – Senior Lecturer, Oshanov NZ – Senior Lecturer.The Olympiad consisted of 2 parts.1st round; essay writing.Essay titlesTheme 1. The formation of “Alash” party and the activity of the Government of Alashorda (the Nation Council)Theme 2. Development of the modern culture of Kazakhstan (the “Madeni Mura” state program)Topic 3. My birthplace history2nd round; The history of Kazakhstan consisted of 25 questions.Through the selection, all participants wrote essays on the theme “My Motherland’s History”.Students of Kazakh and Russian groups took part in the Olympiad.November 30 Olympics winners and participants.Following the results of the competition, students achieved the following results:Among Kazakh groups: 1st place – Murat Almas gr.TT-17-1 (senior teacher Tleugabylova KS) 2 place – Baitganov Ayan GPR-17-1, (Cand.Tech.Sci., Kasimova SS) 3rd place – Yesenbayev Yerkebulan GIK -17-1, (teacher of the sciences Temirzhanova Sh.M. 3rd place – Orynbay Aknur АРХ-17-1. (the teacher of the disciplines Ohanov NZ)Among Russian groups:
1st place – Owssannikova Darya Aiu-17-3, (candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer Kazbekova NA)2nd place – Zhiltyshov Arlan PS-17-2, (candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer Kazbekova NA)3rd place – Abe Akzhol TC-17-2, (candidate of science, associate professor, Nurligenova ZN)3rd place – Mihailova Ekaterina Mash-17-4, (candidate of science, docent, Suleimenova M.Zh.)Responsible for the Olympiad on the subject “Contemporary History of Kazakhstan” Tleugabylova K.S 23.11.2017 г. in the Center of Ethnocultural and Historical Anthropological Research KarGU EA Boketova proceeded to a methodological seminar titled “The Russian Revolution of 1917”. and national minorifics: 100 years of study “in the Department of lecturers of the department, Sagatova AS, Oshanov NZ, Tleugabylova KS, Temirzhanova Sh.M. At the PPS seminar, the certificate was received15.11. 2017 g. In KSTU 214 auditorium took part in a round table: “Kazybek dance wisdom is a platform of independence”, dedicated to the 350th anniversary Kazybek bi. Стартовый словом выступила и.о.заведующий кафедрой IR Sagatova А.С.

14.11.2017, teacher of the department of history of Kazakhstan Tleugabylova KS with the students of the gr.ND-17-1 visited the Regional Museum of Local Lore in the city of Karaganda. It was very interesting and useful to learn about famous personalities who took part in the formation of the city of Karaganda and the region. The audience was interested in the hall dedicated to the figures Alash, Tokhtar Aubakirov, Independence Hall      In the House of Friendship, a meeting was held with the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Tamara Duisenova. 09.11.2017. Acting Head of the Department of EC AS Sagatova, participated in a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan Duisenova T.K. and with participation of Akim of Karaganda region E.Zh.Koshanova.

25.10.2017 the teachers of the department Sagatova AS (with the publication), Kasimova SS, Amerkhanova Zh.B., Oshanov N.Z. (with the publication) took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference in honor of the 350th anniversary of the birth of the great political figure, philosopher and speaker Kaz dauysty Kazybek Bi Keldibekly “The activity and work of the great thinker Kazybek bi as an important factor in modernizing public consciousness.” The conference was organized by the State Institution “Office of Internal Policy of the Karaganda Region” and the KarSU. E.A.Buketova.

10.11.2017. Sagatova A.S. took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Ruhani zhanyro: Alash zhne azatty” Ideasyny sabatastyy “dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Alash-Orda.     The moderator was the rector of the ENU. L.Gumilev, academician of NAS RK Syzdykov E.B. The welcoming speech was made by the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Abdykalikova GN. At the plenary session, participated and made presentations: Sultanov KS, deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ph.D., professor (theme of the report: “Alash zhne derbestik moratinyң zhalystyғy”); Orazalin NM, Chairman of the Board of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize Kara Abdulvahab, Professor at the University of Mimar Sinan RT, Ph.D., PhD (“Euripa elderindegi Mustafa Shojaydyң tәuelsızdık үшін күресі және оның құллдары”); Koigeldiev MK, head of the department of KazNPU. Abay, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“Alash kozalysy: zhiz zhildan sot”).      10/20/2017. PPP chairs Oshanov NZ, Makalakov T. Zh., Temirzhanova Sh.M. and students of MASH-17-1 (20) participated in the round table on the topic “Lama ғұmyr – өshpes өnege”, online, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the conferment of the Karelia State University named after EA Baketov. Organizer – KSU “Centralized Library System of the City of Karaganda”. The moderator of this round table was M.P. Makalakov T.Zh., who introduced the program of the participants of the round table, introduced the members of this event and the students present. ..М. Участниками круглого стола со стороны КарГУ им. Е.А.Букетова были ППС факультета философии и психологии, которые показали видеофильм о жизни и деятельности академика Е.А.Букетова. С приветственным словом выступила директор библиотеки им. М.О.Ауэзова Карагонисова Г.А., которая поблагодарила выступающие стороны и предложила о дальнейшем взаимосотрудничестве согласно программы «Рухани жаңғыру» по выдающимся личностям нашего региона.

 30.09.17. and 14.10.17, according to the plan of the department and KSTU “Ruhani zhayyru”, the teachers of the department organized an excursion to the museum KARLAG (Dolinka village), dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the memory of the victims of political repression with students under the “Serpin” program. Aim: acquaintance with the history of the country, education of a sense of patriotism and pride for their homeland. On the completion of the excursion, the students made a video about CARLAG. EE-17-1, С-17-1, РЭТ-17-1,2, ТЭ-17-2, ПСК-17-1, ТТ-17-1,3, МАШ-17-1, ТМО-17- 1, АиУ-17-1,2, НД-17-1, Log-17-1. The total number of students – 90. The head of the excursion was the teacher of the department of history of Kazakhstan – Temirzhanova Sh.M.