18.04.2009 in the center of KDM “Zhastar Alemi”, Department of history of Kazakhstan in the framework of the program article of the First President of Kazakhstan N. Ah.Nazarbayev “Seven faces of the great steppe” held the festival “Cradle of the Turkic peoples” among students of 1-2 courses, organized by St. prep. Abdrakhmanova A. A.


The purpose of the festival is to strengthen friendly relations between the peoples of Kazakhstan, the harmonization of interethnic and interethnic communication, mutual enrichment of cultures, which will allow everyone to feel like a link in the continuous chain of Kazakh culture and history as a whole.

A book exhibition was organized. With a welcome speech by the Dean of it faculty, candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate Professor G. E. Samashova. The festival was decorated by representatives of ethno-cultural associations: Rzayev G. V.-head of the public Association “Azerbaijan national cultural center “Namus”; Satretdinova S. Z. – head of the public Association “Association of Tatar-Bashkir cultural centers “Idel” in the Karaganda region; Safarova Z. B. – head of ethno-cultural public Association “Turkish ethno-cultural center “Ahiska”, who were appointed as a jury.

Teachers of the Department prepared the following ethnic groups: Kazakhs, Azerbaijanis – (hands.candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor Suleimenova M. Zh);Turks – (hands.candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor Kasimova S. S.);Tatars -(hands.M. G. N.,teacher Zhumakanova F. D);Kirghiz – (hands.M. p. B.,teacher R. J. Orynbekova); Uighur (hands.M. p. n., V. prep.Nurlyaminova Z. N.);Uzbek (hands.M. Yu.N., art. Abdrakhmanova A. A.).

The contestants showed their videos on the selected ethnic group, national clothes, showed objects of decorative and applied art, traditional song, dance folklore, ritual culture.

After the performance, the jury summed up the results. Was awarded with Grand Prix, diplomas of 1,2,3 degree and the award for “Best national dress”, “Best national dance”, “Best decorative art”.

The festival was interesting, rich and instructive. We got acquainted with the culture, traditions and customs of the peoples whose representatives live on the territory of Kazakhstan. Friendship of peoples is an invaluable wealth.