The Olympiad «Modern history of Kazakhstan»

23.11.2019y. According to the plan of the CT Department, the Olympiad on “modern history of Kazakhstan” was organized among the 1st year students. The Olympiad consisted of 2 rounds: 1 round of essay writing, II round-writing tests. Participants were offered the following directions and topics:

Title I of the direction – “the Golden Horde: history and development”; the theme:

  1. Jochi is the founder of the Great ulus.

2.History of the Golden Horde of Kazakhstan XIV-XVI centuries. role in development.

II direction – ” touching the creative heritage»:

  1. Alkey Margulan is the founder of the National school of archaeology.
  2. Kanysh Satpayev: personality, creativity, scientific heritage

III direction – ” year of youth-My year»

1.”the future of the country is educated youth.”

Student group EE-19-1 Sultanbek G. pulled one envelope of 3 proposed, fell the following direction: II direction- ” Touch to the creative heritage»:

  1. Alcaeus Margulan is the founder of the National archaeological school.

2.Kanysh Satpayev: personality, creativity, scientific heritage.

The Commission consists of: Ph. D., associate Professor Daniyarova A. E., Ph. D., associate Professor Suleimenova M. Zh., Ph. D. FLS.Ph. D., associate Professor Nugman B. G., M. P., Rev. MCR. Temirzhanova M were summed up:

in Russian

1 place-Alzhanov Alikhan BT-19-1 (nauch.hands’. V. Rev., K. S. Tleugabylova)

2 place-Bayzhanov Aybar APU-19-1 (nauch.hands’. K. FS.A. S. Sagatova)

3rd place-Duisenbek Ayman Sib-19-1 (nauch.hands’. V. V. Oshanov)

3rd place-Sultanbek Kasiet, EE-19-1 (nauch.hands’. S. S. Kasimova)

in Russian:

1 place-zhabaeva Jamila. TE-19-2 (sci.hands’. Ph. D., associate Professor A. E. Daniyarova)

2 place-malaeva Alina. TE-19-2 (sci.hands’. Ph. D., associate Professor A. E. Daniyarova)

3rd place – Tulushev Damir is-19-01 (nauch.hands’. V. Rev. C. C. S. Y. Smirnov)

The following nominations were awarded:

  1. “For creative search” zheltikova Kamila UIA -19 C (nauch.hands’. prep. F. D. Zhumakanova)
  2. “Responsibility and integrity” ainabekova kylash NRCA W-19-1 (nauch.hands’. V. Rev., K. S. Tleugabylova)
  3. “For creative search” bakbergenova Tana MASH-19-2 (nauch.hands’.V. Rev., A. A. Abdrakhmanova)
  4. “Dedication and diligence” Asbaty Aruzhan Sib -19-3 (nauch.hands’.V. Rev.N. Z. Oshanov)
  5. “For creativity, and hard work” Maranova Aruzhan MV-19-1 (nauch.hands’.V. Rev. A. A. Abdrakhmanova)
  6. “For the ability to achieve success” MukAtay Ayan. OPI-19-1 (sci.ruck K. FS.PhD, senior lecturer. A. S. Sagatova)