“Bolashakka bagdar: rukhani zhangyru” on the theme “Kazakh tilindegi 100 okulyk”


03.12.2019 in the flow auditorium No. 207 of the first building of KSTU was given a lecture in the framework of the program “Bolashakka bagdar: rukhani zhangyru” on the theme “Kazakh tilindegi 100 okulyk”. The organizers of this event was the Department “History of Kazakhstan”. The teaching staff of the Department and first-year students were invited to the lecture.

Head of the Department Sagatov A. S. spoke about the goals and purposes “Rouhani gear”. The lecture was conducted by associate Professor of the Department Nurman B. G.., which was accompanied by the presentation of two books “Orientalism” and ” Panorama. Dunie zhuzi tarikhy ” for use in the educational process. Students of the lecture received a full abstract and information about the authors for each edition.

The purpose of this event is to fully acquire knowledge of students in history, political science, philosophy and an important point in its methodology. That is, to enrich the international scientific vocabulary, the formation of scientific style and terminology, to master the methodology of modern socio-humanitarian research and methods of their presentation.