October 12, 2019, the teacher of the Department of History of Kazakhstan Temirzhanova Sh.M. there was an excursion to the Karlag museum in the village of Dolinka

The excursion was organized as part of the implementation of the state program “Rukhani Zhagyru” with the aim of patriotic education and introducing the younger generation to the history and culture of their native land.

The excursion was attended by 1st year students of FEAT, GF, MF, FIT (69 people in total).

The museum was created with the aim of researching and preserving the historical monuments of KarLAG and perpetuating the memory of the innocent victims of forced labor camps located on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The museum guide told about the violent policies of the USSR in the 1930s and the tragic fate of the victims of Stalinist repression.

Students visited the hall where the commandant’s office was restored, in the halls, which were designed as cells for prisoners. On the walls of Karlag there were famous people, figures of the science of culture, such as A.N. Chizhevsky, N. Sats, L. Ruslanova, etc.

During the years of World War II, all of them known or unknown made a greater contribution to the victory over fascism.

Honoring the memory of the dead is a holy tradition among all the peoples of the world. Students visited the memorial dedicated to the miners who died from the explosion at the Abayskaya mine on January 11, 2008.