Chair of the Kazakh language and culture


On November 7 2018, the city «aitys of akyns»  «Zhaksynyn ati olmeydi» dedicated to one anniversary- the 350th anniversary of the birth of Buhar zhyrau, was held. In this aitys took part a 3nd year student of the transport and road faculty of the Karaganda State Technical University, a member of the scientific circle ” The traditions of national education ” – Beisembek Syrym. He took the first place. The head is master of pedagogical sciences of the department of “Kazakh language and culture” Abilkasov Gabiden Majitovich and senior lecturer Hasen Murat Abdrahmanovich.


31.10.2018 year  in 13.00 w., in 326 audience of the first building  with the participation of groups of student FIT -18-2, GEEK-17-4, OP-18-1, teacher of the department QYaK by program «Spiritual Revival» President Nursultan Nazarbayev held a round table discussion on «Latin graphics-is the task of time». This event was organized by the senior teacher of the department QYaK Khasen Murat Abdrakhmanovich and the teacher Keldiyarova Bakytgul Akylbekkyzy.

Roundtable goal:

-to give a knowledge of the importance of the transition to Latin

-Educate the patriots of their homeland, who will own the values of the new Kazakhstan patriotism.


At the Republican competition “The best scientific work of students on natural, technical, social and humanitarian and economic sciences”, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science in the second half of 2017 under the direction of Candidate of Philology, associate professor of the department “Kazakh language and culture” Hamzina K.M. ., student of the group RET-14-3 Bekmukhambetova Saida was awarded a diploma of the third degree on behalf of the Minister of Education and Science EK Sagadiev.


In the III Republican student, scientific and practical conference titled “Country of the Great Steppe-Competitive Leaders”, held on December 14, 2017 in the city of Taldykorgan, under the guidance of candidate of philology, associate professor of the department “Kazakh language and culture” Hamzina K. M., students of the group GD-17-7 Kulymbet A., Amirova A. and Zeynilkabiden A. published the article “The future of the language is the future of the country”, and by decision of the commission as a winner received a diploma of the II degree. Students were awarded a certificate for participation and also were awarded with a diploma for the prize place.

A student of Karaganda State Technical University Emirgazi Elaman took 3rd place in the national competition

On the eve of the 26th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan at the regional Makhambet drama theater there was held the I Republican competition of readers  named after the author of the national anthem, the famous poet Zhumeken NAZHMIDENOVA.

It was organized by the regional Department of Languages Development. There participated 17 candidates at the age of 18-35 from different parts of the Republic. In this competition there participated the 3rd year student of Karaganda State Technical University, the Power Engineering, Automatics and Telecommunications faculty, a member of the scientific circle “Ulttyk tarbie tagylymy” Emirgazi Elaman. Among the 17 participants, he took the honorable third place. Scientific supervisors are senior lecturer, master of pedagogy of the  the Kazakh language and culture department Abylkasov G.M., senior lecturer Кнasen M.A.

Road and transportation» faculty

On the 22nd of November at 5 pm in 1st bulk, auditory 319 was debate which was organized by curators and teachers of «Road and transportation» faculty and «Kazakh language and culture» department’s teachers: L.U.Kuleimenova, M.T.Ospangalieva, M.A.Khassen, E.K.Tussipbekova. The debate emtitled «Youth believe in the great future of lafin alphabet» and was held among the groups TT-17-1, TT-17-2, OP-17s.

The chairman of board of curators N.A. Smagulova, Methodist of “Serpin-2050” educational center A.O.Serikova and teachers K.K.Nurzhanova, M.S. Amangeldina also participated in.

Purpose: The program of president N.A.Nazarbaev «Prospection: modernization of consciousness» which consist chapter of changing latin alphabet in 2025 and advancement of our country, in order to be suitable for modern requirements and comprehensive development of country.

The 1st place was taken by students of group TT-17-1 Gafarova Zhuldyz; TT-17-2 Aitbaev Zhaksylyk. The 2nd place was taken by students of groups TT-17-1 Rakhmetova Uldanai, TT-17-2 Abeuov Kasymzhomart.The 3rd place was taken by students of groups TT-17-1 Seidass Uldanai, OP-17s Kasymov Erkebulan, Kenzheksrs Darkhan. Winners and the most active participants were awarded with certificates.

The judges:
Kaldybai Ayauzhan is student of group TT-16-1
Aryn Arailym is student of group TT-16-1

The organizes:


M.T. Ospangalieva

Language – the golden bridge of friendship

September 21, 2017 at the department of Kazakh language and culture was held an event called “Language – the golden bridge of friendship”,

dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was organized by senior teachers of the Kazakh

language and culture department  G. M. Abylkasov and  М.А. Кнasen as well as the student group “Spiritual Heritage”. Students took an active

part in the festive event. Students performed songs in Kazakh, Russian and English, and also read poetry. The purpose of the event:

To educate student youth to respect the state language and native language, and to educate to patriotism.