Articles from periodicals for November 2015

Alma mater 2015, # 10

To teach means to position ourselves in the world

Higher education today 2015, # 9

Formation of technical culture of future Russian officers

Innovative approaches in training: by Internet-conferences pages

Systematization of scientific-practical activity of students through the integration of education, science and production

Innovative contemporary education: what it shows?

University book 2015, # 10

Marina Borovskaya: “Southern Federal University is an innovative center of the region”

The scientific Council 2015,# 10 

The influence of information technology on intellectual development

The elite formation: problems and prospects. Research platform-UNIVERSITY.

Vysshee obrazovanie v Rossii 2015, #7

The introduction of international financial reporting standards at Tomsk Polytechnic University

Teaching engineering design in the structure of preparation of students of technical University

The Bologna process: an overview of the evolution, priorities and intermediate results

“E-learning” in language of pedagogyи

E-learning: new challenges for the lecturers

The use of cloud technologies for the organization of control of educational activities

Rector vuza (The rector of the University) 2015, #7

Scheduling in high school: the algorithm of actions

Bananas grow will not

To the question of the problems of engineering education

Shaping the future of the industrial elite of Russia

What affects the demand for the leading universities of Russia

MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov headed the national rating of universities

Innovative “Image-cluster-technology” — the path to effective development of knowledge and skills

Interactive sessions: meditate, argue, doubt?

Uchenyi sovet (The scientific Council) 2015, #7

Strategic management of the regional pedagogical University in the conditions of global and local risks

Some problems of graduate training

About University autonomy and the struggle for it in the 19 century

Traditional and new Confucianism: from the past to the future

Information for readers for the manufacture of reference of the academic Council

Bulletin of the APN of Kazakhstan, 2015, #4

Pedagogical concept as a result of theoretical and methodological research problems of formation of ecological and humanistic values in the process of the school chemical education

The formation of creative thinking of future teachers in educational environment of higher educational institutions

Intellectualization of language training with the help of automated systems

Personal-oriented model of the educational system of the University on the basis of suggestive as a new psychological-pedagogical system

Higher education in Russia 2015, # 8-9

First experience in the development and implementation of programs of scientific and pedagogical staff training programs as third level of higher education: problems and

possible solutions

Preparation of scientific and engineering talent for the military-industrial complex of Russia

The involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of the CDIO ideology

Russian higher education in the Bologna process

Modern engineering education is unity in diversity

Challenges for Russian universities and teachers

State and structure of corruption in Russian universities

The readiness of future engineers to professional activity in conditions of the Arctic region

To the question of improving the system of training of engineering personnel

Science and education of Kazakhstan 2015, # 1

The Ministry of mining

At the origins of the great way

The rector of the University 2015, #9

Universities will always live up to its calling

Petr Chubik: “We build the Future today”

Future regional technical high school: tactics and strategy development

Regional scientific-educational cluster as an instrument of interaction

Science of the future: ASU took place on the 1st all-Russian Congress of students ‘ scientific societies

Patriotism through the eyes of student’s youth

Off-budget financing of universities: sources, experience, environment

High school need quality textbooks

The quality of higher education: invitation to discussion

Education in the system of civilization

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of the University

The earth is waiting for global cooling