Articles from periodicals for March 2016

Accreditaciya v obrazovanii  2015 No. 8 

A course on innovation

Supporting the universities as a modernization

How to remove the problem of the deficit of personnel?

Express forum

OECD: global trends and national traditions

China’s strategy to attract foreign students

Higher education today 2016 No. 1

Development of a conceptual model of the system of personnel management in an educational institution

Experience in the development of a smart library in Cybercom Federal University: first results

Mysl’ 2014 No. 4

The proposals in the light of the decisions of ten global challenges

The development of the transport industry of Kazakhstan

The struggle for the preservation of the Kazakh statehood in the NINETEENTH century

Otkrytoe obrazovanie 2014 No. 1

Assessment of level of formation of competences of graduates of the University

SMART training: basic principles of organization of educational process

Pedagogica 2014 No. 1

Experience is concrete-sociological researches in the field of civil education of students of higher school

Uchenyi sovet 2014 No. 1

Getting into the top 100 in international rankings is an ambitious, but realistic

After upgrading the Cross-national survey of higher education systems: the Atlantic model

Obrazovanie 2015 No. 4

An interview with President brad College Leon Bodytone

Interview with the rector of the University of Richmond Ronald Crocheron

Education and democracy cooperation or conflict?

Vysshee obrazovanie segodnya 2014 No. 2

The formation and experience of cross-functional teams in high school

Modern problems of updating the content of social education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The formation of communicative competence of students of pedagogical institutes in Patriotic activities

The use of interactive training equipment in the study of descriptive geometry and engineering graphics

Mysl’2014 No. 3

The problem of enhancing the creative energy of the people

The ideology of the breakthrough to the future

“Mangilik YEL” – is our benchmark


“Bekmakhanov’s business”: how it was

Accreditaciya v obrazovanii  2015 No. 7


The state policy in the sphere of education priorities and prospects

Practice networking

Projects and effects: increase of professional level of teachers

National qualifications framework — the basis of the interaction of labor markets and education

Training for the tasks of the future

How to create an innovation ecosystem

National integrator of professional resources

German initiative to attract foreign students

Mysl’ 2016 No. 2

The plan of the nation is the Path to the Kazakh dream

Universitetskaya kniga 2016 No. 1-2

Leading universities: development strategy

Alma mater 2016 No. 1

Science, technology and industry the results of 2015

Education research in the knowledge society: role of cultural, didakticheskie principles, organization

Management in education

Traditional and engineering system of accounting, control and management of the University

Applied orientation of mathematical course as a means of formation of professional competence of future specialist

Vysshee obrazovanie segodnya, 2015 No. 12

The experience of the pedagogical and methodological analysis of modules in bachelor’s degree programs

The training complex as a tool for developing creative potential and Novikova three-dimensional computer modeling students

The philosophical orientation of the educational process in chemistry at the pedagogical University

The concept of language training of foreign citizens to comprehensive testing on the Russian language, history and fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation with the use of remote technologies