Articles from periodicals for April 2016

Alma mater 2016 No. 3

Teaching and research activities of students as the basis of personality oriented approach to education

Humanization and humanitarization of education

Traditional and innovative technologies University library

The technological order and a “Window of opportunity” for Russia to get out of the “Commodity trap”

Forming of managerial competences in the process of professional training of military specialist

About e-education

University book 2016 No. 2

The first 11 supporting universities

International recognition

Education system: today and a quarter of a century ago

Professional standards and FSES 4: how to upgrade the processes that use academic and educational publications

The rector 2016 No. 1

The main components of competitiveness of RUFP

Yevgeni Vaganov: Win only one who change himself and become better day by day

Engineering accounting and management of the educational capital of the University

The monitoring of employment of graduates

Universities and employers: common interest — a deep professionalization of students

Values education: the search for a new solution of the old question

About universities and future and modern

Alma mater 2016 No. 2

The draft Federal target program of education development for 2016-2020

Innovative potential of higher school in the context of globalization of education

Evaluation of the effectiveness of youth policy according to the survey a student audience in Primorsky Krai

The system of concepts of pedagogical research

Supervision in higher education: what to do

The formation of graphical culture of future engineers through professionally directed learning

Foreign language professionally-communicative competence of future engineer as a result of the integration of professional competencies and communication skills

Tool to assess and improve the effectiveness of the ongoing educational process at the University

Professional culture and teaching style in high school

Professional ethics in engineering education

New opportunities to improve the competitiveness of universities

The slow death of the University

Pedagogical design of formation of readiness of future bachelors for work in the educational process of the University

Science and life 2015 No. 9

Bureau of foreign scientific and technical information

What I write popular science journals in the world

Shale horizons

Dar and evil nature

Science and life 2015 No. 12

The foundations of the Hagia Sophia

“Smart house” — every family

Science and life 2016 No. 1

Academician Fortov Putin: “the Charm of science is its unpredictability”

Meeting with physicists

With the comet to earth

Modern education 2015 No. 4 (100)

KazNU named after Al-Farabi: an Old traditions plus a new strategy

Everything goes on the program

Preschool, schools, universities: how to optimize their core activities

To pursue a course of modernization

The scientific Council 2016 No. 1

Student organizations as a form of development of social activity of students

The scientific Council 2016 No. 2

The state COUNCIL meeting on education

Creative technology in education: Genesis and current state

Motivation sovershenstvovania innovation activity of pedagogical staff