Mine surveying and geodesy department

The department of “Mine Surveying and Geodesy”, established in 1953, trains bachelors and masters in the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree

– 6B07206 “Mine Surveying”;

– 6B07302 “Geodesy and Cartography”;

– 6B07303 “Digital Aerial Photography”.

Master’s Degree

– 7M07205 “Mine Surveying”;

– 7M07301 “Geodesy”;

– 7M07305 “Remote Sensing of the Earth”.

The main mission of the department is to train competitive personnel. The department contributes to the intellectual and professional development of society by training specialists with engineering education of the new generation.

The aim of the department is to ensure the teaching of academic disciplines with the application of the latest technologies at the level of modern requirements of industry, science and technology.

The head of the department is Candidate of Engineering Sciences Elena Nikolaevna Khmyrova.

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