History of MS&G department

Mine surveying and geodesy department


The department was created in 1953 for studying of all-engineering disciplines ( surveying and mine surveying) by the students of mining and building specialities. Only since 1958 the department began training of the mine surveying engineers and surveying engineers under next specialties: “Mine surveying” and “Applied surveying” (since 1999) on full-time form of education and extra-mural courses. Tutoring in kazakh language is conducted since 1999. Due to the demand of mine surveying engineers, since 2001, the department conducts trainings of specialists through the faculty of actual education for getting of the second higher education.

Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Trufanov Ivan A. (1953 – 1955) was the first head of the department. At this time staff of the department teaches all-engineering disciplines “Surveying” and “Mine Surveying”. The main work is directed on creation of material base and selection of personnel structure of the department for preparation of mine surveyors.

From 1955 to 1960 the Doctor of Engineering, professor Rudakov Mikhail L. was the head of the department and at the same time he was the vice rector for educational and scientific work. He was the prominent scientist in the field of protection of a mineral resourses, accounting of losses and dilution of minerals and stability of the open pit walls.

During this period the first groups of students on the specialty “Mine Surveying” was formed, the educational and material base of the department became stronger. Realization of researches with the mining enterprises and the first defences of master’s theses began.

The main work on creation of the teaching staff, educational and material base of the department belongs to the outstanding scientist Ivan I. Popov who headed it from 1960 to 1990.

Department’s staff in 1975 y.

I.I.Popov – the mine surveying engineer who has graduated from Sverdlovsk mining institute (1942), Doctor of Engineering (1972), professor (1973), corresponding member of NAS RK (1979) and professor of the department from 1990 to 1998. From 1942 to 1958 he worked at the coal enterprises of Ural where held positions of the chief surveyor of mines, trusts, industrial complexes and the chief of geological and mine surveying department of the Authority of fuel industry of Sverdlovsk Economic council.

During the work in higher education institution he created in Kazakhstan the scientific school on a problem of management of open pit slopes and development of measures for the prevention and control of the landslides in the open pits. this school gained recognition in CIS countries and in the Republic of Kazakhstan. I.I. Popov published 8 monographs, 4 textbooks, manuals and more than 120 scientific articles.

From 1990 to 1998 Rafail  Okatov – the mine surveying engineer who has graduated from the Kazakh polytechnical institute (1962), the Doctor of Engineering (1986), the professor (1987) was the head of the department. Before arrival in KarPTI (1967) Okatov R.P. worked as the local surveyor in mine #35 of the “Karagandaugol” joinder.

From 1998 to 2017 the mine surveying engineer, the graduate of the department (1977), the Doctor of Engineering (1997), the professor, academician of KazNANS Nizametdinov Farit K. was the head of the department. He was left in the department, where he passed a labor path from the trainee-researcher to the head of the department. The master’s dissertation was defended in 1984, doctoral dissertetion was defended in 1996 (the speciality is Mine Surveying). He published more than 160 scientific works, including 4 monographs, 5 brochures and 5 patents of inventions, was a supervisor of 4 doctors and 11 candidates of science. He was the chairman of dissertation Council D14.61.05 at KARGTU on judgment of scientific degrees. For achievements, personal contribution and merits in the field of science and technique in 1989 he became the Winner of the Award of Council of ministers of KazSSR, and was awarded by a silver medal AEANE USSR (1988), certificate of appreciation of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK (2003), a breastplate “For merits in an advancement of science” (2006), awarded with the state grant “The best teacher of Higher Education Institution” (2007). He is an expert in the field of a mine surveying and geomechanics of open-cast minings.

Beginning from 2017 the head of the departmnet is Khmyrova Elena Nikolayevna. She is a Candidate of Technical Sciences, the member of commission of experts IAAP, IQAA independent agencies, is awarded with the letter “The honored worker of KSTU”. The rank “Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution — 2014” is given for implementation of reforms and upgrade of educational process in the conditions of transition to three-level training of specialists in the conditions of competence-based approach. Works at Surveying department since 1988. Graduate of department,1987. In 1992 finished a postgraduate study. Gives lectures on 6 disciplines. Is the author of 2 textbooks approved by MAS RK, 12 education guidances, 10 methodical instructions, 4 electronic textbooks, has 2 copyright certificates. Prepared 12 EMCDT in Russian and Kazakh for 6 disciplines.