Military Department


Welcome to the military department!

Military training of students aims to prepare for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan selflessly devoted to the Motherland, the Government of reserve officers and sergeants, brought up in the spirit of high consciousness, internationalism, morally stable, disciplined, able to keep state and official secrets, possessing high ideological and moral qualities, as well as knowledge, skills and skills necessary for the successful performance of official duties in the positions of officers and sergeants.

The main tasks of military training of students are:

  1. the formation and development of the main moral, political, professional and military, psychological and physical qualities;
  2. inculcation of team and methodological skills necessary for the successful fulfillment of duties on the mission;
  3. field and practical training, high tactical, special and technical training;
  4. training reserve officers who know the procedure for serving in the reserve, the general procedure for arriving at a military unit for their intended purpose, capable of performing all the activities assigned to them during a special period and capable of managing units in carrying out combat missions.

To solve these problems it is necessary:

  1. the teaching staff systematically during the lesson to inform students of the requirements of orders and directives of the Minister of Defense to strengthen the defense capability of our state;
  2. during the classes, each student actively develops high moral and combat qualities, a deep conviction of the rightness of our cause, devotion to the people of Kazakhstan and their legally elected President;
  3. when teaching combat work, military-technical training, artillery tactics, proceed from the fact that the main criterion for assessing the activities of a teacher is the real level of students’ training;
  4. in the course of practical and group lessons to instill in students practical skills in the confident performance of fire tasks, the skillful management of platoon (battery) fire;
  5. when teaching students to present them more initiative and independence in solving problems, in managing units;
  6. to persistently instill in students commanding skills and methodological qualities, paying particular attention to the ability to make decisions independently;
  7. to strengthen control over the work of students in the classroom.