Military accounting specialties of the military Department

Military department



The Military Department trains reserve officers and sergeants in the following military accounting specialties:

Reserve officers
1. Combat use of ground artillery units, units and formations
2. Combat use of mortar units
3. Combat use of tank units, units and formations
4. Organization of operation and repair of armored vehicles
5. Organization of communications in the ground forces
6. ·         Organization of educational and ideological work in the ground forces
7. Combat use of units, units and formations of missile troops and artillery
8. Combat use of combined arms units, units and formations
9. ·         Combat use of engineering-sapper (engineering) units, units and formations
Reserve Sergeants
1. Guns from 76-mm to 180-mm
2. Medium-power short-wave radio stations
3. Telephone exchanges and telephone equipment
4. Medium tanks
5. Crawler tractors and conveyors
6. Wheeled armored personnel carriers

During its existence, the military department issued more than 21000 reserve officers and 672 reserve sergeants.

Students are trained on a full-time basis using the military day method, 1 time a week. Involvement in military training at the military department is carried out on the basis of a state order.

The selection of students for the military department from among those who have submitted an application is carried out on a competitive basis, by the composition of an independent competent commission appointed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Training at the military department continues at the rate of: 2 years – for reserve officers; 1 year – for reserve sergeants. The training ends with the passage of training fees.