International cooperation and Academic Mobility Department



International activity and cooperation of educational organizations

In the frames of realizing the state policy for the development of international cooperation in the field of education in accordance to the Law “About education” and other normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan there are put the following main purposes:

– training highly qualified personnel out of the number of the most talented Kazakh youth at the best foreign educational institutions;

– teaching and training personnel for foreign countries out of the number of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship;

– forming the conditions of fluent knowing foreign languages for all the graduates of educational organizations;

– widening the access of the foreign Kazakh diaspora and “oralmen” for getting education at the educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– exchange of scientific-and-engineering and scientific-and-pedagogical achievements;

– widening the export of educational services of an educational organization to attract additional financial and material means for the development of the home educational system, as well as forming the conditions assisting the efficient use of the advanced educational technologies and experiment;

– collecting information, studying and making analytical materials about the principal world tendencies of education development;

– making comparative analysis of the home educational system with educational systems of the most developed countries of the world at all the levels of the educational process and all specialties;

– preparing suggestions for making a yearly register of prior specialties, which teaching is expedient abroad;

– ensuring the increased level and quality of educational organizations work with foreign students by means of assistance and spreading the experience of educational establishments most efficiently working in this direction;

– improving and developing the normative legal base regulating the questions of enrolling to educational organizations, training and graduating foreign citizens, as well as the procedures of their entrance, departure and staying on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– educational organizations by the agreement with authorized bodies in the field of education in accordance to the specificity of their work have the right to establish direct relations with foreign organizations, sign two-side and multi-side agreements on cooperation in the field of education.


Collective of International cooperation Department

Head of International cooperation Department – Krasniuk Anastasia Igorevna

  • Performed communication with universities and other organizations of international Department;
  • Takes part in preparation of orders, instructions, the contracts, connected with international activity of university;
  • Prepares information to Administration of the International Department of MES RK

Methodist of international cooperation Department – Korobkina Anna Sergeyevna

  • advises Teaching Staff and students on official registration of papers for participation in competition on reception of the grant of president RK«Bolashak»;
  • carries out the analysis of the arriving information on educational systems of the countries of the far abroad;
  • helps to foreign teachers and employees staying in KarGTU from exchange programs, training and lecturing.

Inspector of international cooperation Department – Begimova Aidana Orynbasarovna

  • advises concerning receipt of foreign citizens;
  • registration of a document package necessary for nostrification
  • controls foreign citizens trained in universities.

Annual conference «Association of international education administrators AIEA 2020»