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The department “Industrial Transport” of the Transport and Road Faculty of Karaganda State Technical University prepares bachelors and undergraduates in educational programs:

6В11301, 7М11301 “Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport”

Training of specialists at the department is carried out in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process. Students study a wide range of disciplines that form basic representations in the field of modern methods of designing vehicles, technological processes of maintenance and repair of transport equipment, organization, and safety of traffic. Course and diploma design are conducted using information and communication technologies.

Branches of the department “Industrial Transport”

Director – DA Karamyshov

Location of the branch -Sorting.ul.Mametova 129 aud. 43, 44.

At the branch of the faculty of the PT “Karaganda Training Center for Railway Transport Workers” in the autumn semester 2017-2018 academic year, classes are held on the discipline “Traffic Management System”. Laboratory work is carried out on the Torquest-Personal model, with simulation of production processes and automated workplaces, the operator on duty, the station attendant, the originator, the transponder, the wagon.

Director – V.Salfetnikov.

Location of the branch Prishakhtinsk ul. Iterovskaya 26. Locomotive depot.

Students study signaling, centralization, interlocking and communication systems used in railway transport on operating stands and mock-ups, acquire basic skills in managing these devices.

At the branch of the department of the PT “Karaganda loading and transport management AMT” in the 2016-2017 academic year, took part in the discipline “Management of operational work.”

In the course of the classes, students learn the basics of the operational work of the locomotive depot, planning and accounting for the operation of the locomotives of the enterprise, planning locomotives for maintenance and repair, familiar with the real documents, the maintenance and repair work, and the production equipment of the locomotive depot.

Specialists in railway transport, actively participate in the work of the department. Lead reviewers of railway transport are appointed as reviewers of diploma papers. The Chairman of the State Attestation Commission is the director of the KPTU Salfetnikov VV, the director of the KUTSRZhT Karamyshev DA is a member of the SAC.


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Base practices

 AO ArcelorMittal 2017

2018 KTZ JSC

2018 ArcelorMittal JSC

Agreement on the conduct of production and prediplom practice 2013-2018 JSC ArcelorMittal

Contract for the conduct of professional practice 2018 Samal Petrotrading

Agreement on creative scientific and technical cooperation 2016 JSC NC KTZ

Agreement on creative scientific and technical cooperation 2017 Kaztransprommash