Academic Process

Lists of modular programs in the discipline “Foreign Language” for all specialties and forms of learning developed and approved in order to improve student learning at the Department

Teachers  use multimedia projectors , interactive whiteboard , allowing to demonstrate educational material on the screens for the implementation  of modern innovative forms in the learning process .

Department has : 1 – computer class , 20 audiences – for practical training .

The department is provided by the educational and methodological guidelines in the educational process of bachelors, masters and doctoral students in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

Over the last 3 years it is published 14 electronic textbooks , 12 manuals and 3 educational and methodological development, including 2 in German and one in English , 6 slide lectures , 4 of them – in English and two in German , 1 video lecture, 9 multimedia presentations.

Book collection in the library –  2850 copies in English, 264 in German.


Educational and methodological Board

Plan of research work

Students research work plan

Methodical-educational complex

List of  modules for specialties with the names of teachers leading the discipline

Material resources for learning

Attestation Shedule 

Employment Schedule

Consultation Scheme of Bachelor Degree Students for the first term of  2015-2016 academic year