Material resources for learning

The main goal of the Training Board of the Department of Foreign Languages is to improve the education quality of bachelors, masters and doctoral students of the University and methodological support for the improvement of training in light of the Bologna process. In this regard, the current academic year 2011-12 is focused on the following tasks:

1. Providing methodological framework of foreign language teaching:

• Replenishment of educational materials
• Monitoring and methodological support for the development of the planned e-learning publications and training manuals
• Refinement of methodological support for the three levels of higher education (electronic versions of the CMD, the effectiveness of individual work and individual work with the teacher)
• The development and examination of test items for controlling the primary, ongoing, retained knowledge of foreign languages.
• Development of logistics department

2. Improving the quality of FLT :

• Use of IT technologies in education
• Master classes and open classes analysis in the department
• Control of the feasibility and practical significance of teachers attendance

3. Monitoring the quality of education:

• Students attendance analysis
• Midterm results
• Examination results
• FLT in Kazakh groups, problems, analysis of educational services quality and the level of academic achievement of students