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Department of «Energy systems»

Development Plan of the Educational Program Electricity Bachelor’s Degree

Development Plan of the Bachelor’s Program in Thermal Power

Development plan of the educational program of the master’s program Electric power industry

Development plan of the Master’s program in Thermal Power Engineering

Educational plans

Laboratory and classroom fund of the Department

An open lesson with a group of MET-22-1 kaz in the discipline “Electrical Engineering” by the teacher of the department “Energy Systems”, master of Kenzhebek Aksaule Serikbayevna

Olympiad in Theoretical and General Electrical Engineering

Participation of students in events dedicated to youth Internet addiction, gambling and cyberbullying

Open lesson of senior teacher, master Draganova M.A.   in the discipline “Heat supply and green energy” in groups EE-21-4 and EE-21-5

The educational program 6B07108 “Heat power engineering” in 2021, according to the rating of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, took 2nd place.

The educational program 6B07109 “Power Engineering” in 2021, according to the rating of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, took 3rd place.

The Department of Energy Systems has 11 educational and research laboratories, including 2 computer labs equipped with modern computer equipment for performing laboratory work, course and diploma projects. The technical base of the laboratories is constantly being upgraded, modern samples of electrical equipment are regularly monitored, and appropriate changes are made to the laboratory base. The unique equipment for carrying out full-scale experiments “Model of a CHP turbogenerator” and “Model of the heat supply system of production facilities” was created.
For laboratory and research work, there are stands: “Automated heating point”, “Electrical systems and networks”, “Relay protection”, “Electrical installation”, “Electric machines”, “Power industry”, “Automated solid fuel boiler”, “Thermotechnics of liquids” “Cryogenic and refrigeration engineering”, “Technical thermogasdynamics”, “Renewable energy sources. Solar collector”, “Heat transfer liquid – solid body”, also for research work in NIRS, a stand “Retom 11M” was purchased for the section “Design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical networks 1-10 kV”.
The firm “Schneider Electric” donated to the Department of Energy Systems laboratory equipment “Reactive Power Compensation”; “Harmotris bench for studying a three-phase electrical network with harmonic interference”, a modern SF6 circuit breaker.
In recent years, the methodological support of the disciplines of the department has been almost completely updated. Video lectures on all disciplines of the department on the YouTube platform have been developed and posted to the public.

Practical lesson on the new laboratory equipment “Solid fuel boiler”

Laboratory work at the new stand – “Thermotechnics of liquids”

Currently, the Department of Energy Systems has 2 branches, on the basis of which training sessions and practice are conducted. Branches of the department are mainly the leading energy enterprises of the Karaganda region and the region as a whole.
The scientific activity of the department is carried out in the following areas:
– Non-traditional and renewable energy;
– Skip pneumatic lifting installations for mines and quarries. Pneumatic lifts for buildings and structures;
– CAD in the electric power industry;
– Research of existing heat supply systems of a large city and improvement of the structure of heat sources;
– Fiber-optic control systems.

Solar power plant generates more than 2 kilowatts of energy per hour

International cooperation with leading universities of near and far abroad is widely developed. A joint master’s program is being implemented with the Research Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University.
Purposeful career guidance work of the staff of the department, the growing demand of production for our specialists made it possible, in the conditions of new principles for the formation of a student body under the state order, to successfully accept from 60 to 120 applicants in all forms of education for their specialties.
The connection between the educational process and scientific research can be traced in the formation of the topics of course and diploma design, the work of the student scientific society of the department. As a rule, the themes of graduation projects are the results of students’ research in the course of practice and course design.
The goals of the Department of Energy Systems are to provide a strong basic training in the principles and methods of design, operation and management in the field of electric power industry. To prepare graduates for successful careers in the field and objects of the electric power industry, by teaching disciplines that will provide the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed in a competitive environment.
The department has created all the necessary conditions in which the best engineering talents can develop, capable of ensuring the rise of the economy and energy, stability, security and prosperity of sovereign Kazakhstan. What we are doing today at the department makes it possible to bring our education closer to the international requirements of developed countries.