Academic Process

Department of «Energy systems»

Atameken rating

Schedule of consultations on sections of theses (projects) of FDO students for the 2020/2021 academic year

Educational plans

Laboratory and classroom fund of the Department

Department of “Energy” has 11 academic and research laboratories including three computer labs equipped with modern computer technology for laboratory work, course and diploma projects. On the basis of a computer class offer classes in many disciplines specialties, as well as research and development. Laboratories are equipped with modern stands, the current layout of electrical equipment, dummies, posters and accessories. The technical base is constantly being upgraded laboratories, by department staff, the monitoring of modern pieces of electrical equipment, and made appropriate changes to the laboratory facilities. Created unique equipment for field experiments, “Layout of turbogenerator of HEC”. By students was a unique test bed for heat supply “model of heat production facilities”, which is designed to study the processes occurring in heating systems industry.

Equipment was purchased and equipment – laboratory stands for laboratory and research in the disciplines: “Electrical systems and networks”, RP, and A, “Transients in power”, “Electrical Machines”, “Power engineering”, and for research in RWS was purchased stand “Retom 11M” to the section “Design, fabrication, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of electrical power networks and 10.1 kV.” The firm «Schneider Electric» Department of Energy donated to the gas-insulated breakers.

Classes in the disciplines “Electrical installation”, “Technology of electrical production,” held at the branch department of JSC “KZ ELTO” to improve skills, study the organization of production output and simulation of high-voltage and low voltage electrical equipment, and lessons are leading engineers of the plant.

The department is equipped with modern measuring equipment.
Laboratory equipment meets department goals and objectives of excellence.

There is a room of diploma projects.