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Purpose of educating students is the comprehensive development of the personality of the future specialist with higher education, having a high level of culture, intelligence, social activity, the nature of the citizen-patriot. The main task – to create conditions for the active life of students, their self-determination and self-actualization, the highest needs in the intellectual, cultural and moral development. Actual problems of educational activity:

– The formation of personal qualities necessary for effective professional work;

– The formation of students’ civic and patriotic consciousness, legal and political culture;

– Development of teaching in relation to the environment for students as subjects of their own development;

– Education of the moral qualities of intelligence;

– Impart skills and team management skills in various forms of student government;

– Preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural traditions of the university and the institute. The 46 academic groups infarction enrolled 907 students. Educational work is done by the curator, assigned to each group. All groups are held weekly hours according to the curatorial team compiled a curator at the beginning of each semester to plan supervisory hours, and adopted at KSTU model of patriotic education. Each supervisor is also exceptional work with students, and it talks about the offenses of the observance of the rules, about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, AIDS prevention, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, prevention is carried out religious extremism. In the MF group is actively working with parents of students through the introduction of KSTU mailer ZIMBRA. Parents of students have got the mailboxes, and actively receive reports from the facilitators of learning for their children and are fully informed about life as an institution and the university as a whole. With students regularly are absent and their parents, conducted individual preventive work by telephone, personal interviews, an invitation to attend meetings of departments where such cases are examined in detail to such students to apply disciplinary measures. Once a month, in the Council meeting held MF curators on which the deputy. Director of MF for education departments and senior curators TM MMiN, SiLP analyze supervisory hours and held accountable for the educational work carried out in groups of MF. Close attention is paid to them in the students residing in dormitories KSTU and Bauman. In September PPP MF were on duty in the dorms, investigated the living conditions of students, found out the problems and difficulties that accompany nonresident students while studying and living away from parents. MF students are active members of the Professional Union of Students KSTU “Jas Horde,” where the forces are organized and carried out various activities both within the MI and the scale of KSTU. At the beginning of the academic year (20.09.2011g.) For first MF activists held a marathon quest “to liaise” in which students of the university learned about the structure of KSTU, the location of buildings, libraries, cafeterias, dormitories, etc. In October (10.10.2011 was) to identify talented students among freshmen students in the palace “Zhastar Alem” talent contest was held, following which identified the winners in various categories.