Educational work. The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

To educate students is to diversify the personality of the future specialist with higher education, which has high culture, intelligence, social activities, the nature of the citizen-patriot. The main task is to create conditions for the active life of the students, their self-determination and self-realization, to meet the demand of intellectual, cultural and moral development.

Actual problems of educational activity:

The formation of personal qualities, which are necessary for effective professional activity;

Formation of the citizenship and patriotic awareness, legal and political culture;

Development of relations in the teaching environment for students as subjects of their own development;

Development of moral qualities, intelligence;

Formation of the skills of team management in various forms of student self-government;

Preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural traditions of the university and the institute.


An event to increase the level of religious, legal and anti-corruption literacy

Master class of the curatorial hour on the topic “Historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan”

CALENDAR PLAN OF advisor hours on the updated Patriotic education model “Building New Kazakhstan Patriotism”

List of curators of the department

Report on the holding of a master class of the curatorial hour of the GD-17-2 group on the topic “The origins of the formation of the Kazakh Khanate”