IT-Competence Center

Department of «Information computing systems» (IСS)


          As part of the achievement of the strategic priority for the development of the educational and laboratory base of the University, classes are held in the computer classes of the IT Competence Center, by attracting leading enterprises of the region in the field of IT industry, in 9 laboratories:

       Laboratories of the It Competence Center                                             

1. Сетевая Академия CISCO – 401А
2. ЦИТ «WTO» – 400А
3. ТОО «X-net» – 400В
4. ТОО «ABI» – 400D
5. ОО «Wooppay» – 400E
6. ТОО «Gexabyte» ТОО – 400F
7. ТОО «ERP-company – 400G
8. «1С:ФранчайзингКараганда» – 412



Лаборатория ТОО «WTO»

Specializes in the study and creation of programs for electronic document management (including programs for the work of akimats).

After graduation, our students can accompany the Information systems of any government agency.

Here, students also study the specifics of IP telephony, switching and routing on devices from leading manufacturers

When equipping the classrooms of the IT Competence center, it supplied equipment worth 3 million tenge.


Лаборатория ТОО «ABI»

Specializes in the development and implementation of software in the field of cybersecurity.

Our students study methods of information protection within the framework of the discipline “Information Security”



Лаборатория ТОО «ERP-company»

In the laboratory, students learn programming in the 1C environment. The latest version of the licensed software 1C Enterprise 8.3 is installed in this laboratory.

Over the past 3 years, more than 40 graduates who are certified 1C programmers have been employed in our region.


Сетевая Академия CISCO

Students of the laboratory master the 280-hour CCNA training course. Students acquire the skills of building and administering Internet networks, installing and configuring switches and Cisco routers in multiprotocol networks that combine local and geographically distributed networks (LAN and WAN), troubleshooting in networks, improving network performance and security.


Лаборатория ТОО

«1С:Франчайзинг Караганда»

Since 2013, the company “1C” LLP:Karaganda franchising closely cooperates with the CARD: it is a preferential supply of software and methodological support from 1C and bachelor’s degree training, undergraduates and teaching staff on the basics of work and programming in professional versions of software products “1C: Enterprise”.


Лаборатория Искусственного интеллекта

In 2020 , the company LLP “INQARSOFT.COM ” (Director Viktor Aleksandrovich Suzakh, the city of the throne) it is planned to open an artificial intelligence laboratory in the assembly hall 408a. It has promising students under promising students under the guidance of experienced programmers and marketers of LLP “INQARSOFT.COM “we had to improve competencies in the field of IT technologies.




Лаборатория ТОО «Gexabyte»

The main purpose of opening the laboratory is the development of blockchain technology in Kazakhstan, which Elbasy drew attention to.

Blockchain is the latest technology for storing transaction records based on cryptographic methods of protection.


Лаборатория ТОО «X-net»

specializes in system integration of IT solutions. Graduates of the CARD under the guidance of mentors with “X-net” are in demand in the following areas: IT audit; IT outsourcing; design and construction of data centers.

Classes in the disciplines “Big Data” and “Distributed application development” are held in this classroom.


Лаборатории ТОО «Wooppay»

The main activity of the laboratory is aimed at developing students’ competencies in the field of creating Web technologies. Wooppay LLP was created by graduates of the MAP and specializes in the creation and implementation of payment solutions for businesses and government agencies in Kazakhstan.

They are the initiators of a public project supervised by the Kar.Akimat – “Terricon Valley”. The purpose of this project is to create conditions in Karaganda for the development of the IT sphere of the city.


Defense of diploma and master’s projects on the subject of enterprises of the IT competence Center

1C LLP:Franchise Karaganda is a member of the innovation and educational consortium “Corporate University”.

Annually, 1C:Frachising Karaganda LLP, within the framework of long-term cooperation (Agreement dated December 30, 2013), provides a map, software and methodological materials on preferential terms. So 1C: Franchising LLP

Karaganda” in September 2019 provided software for training students in the amount of 2 million tenge.

In October-December 2021, 10 students were trained for free under the 1C project:Programmer. Student Training and Employment Program”

The group of companies “ERP Company” is a member of the innovation and educational consortium “Corporate University”.

In the autumn semester of 21-22 academic years, courses were held on the basis of the IT competence center “Introduction to configuration in the 1C Enterprise system”. The representative of the partner company “ERP Company” A.B. Kritsky summed up the results of the training and presented 9 graduates of the course have personal certificates. Some of the graduates continued studying 1C software products during their pre-graduate internship at the ERP Company office in February, the rest are waiting for a summer production internship.

The Terricon Valley is a project to transform Karaganda into an IT hub: from a coal city to a technological one. The project involves stalls.: Wooppay LLP, X-net LLP, ABI LLP, Qazdevelop LLP, etc.

At the beginning of March 2022, a number of meetings were held in Moscow with FIT students about the plans of the “Terricon Valley”, about participation in Hackathons and Olympiads. From March 11 to 13, a competition for the development of projects in the field of information technology was held in the IT hub safety. 3 winning teams received cash prizes in the amount of 500,000, 300,000 and 200,000 tenge. Our students took the 2nd place.