Transport and Road faculty

Departments of Transport and Road faculty



Transport and road faculty – the beginning of your future profession!


Transport and Road faculty provides training in the 3 bachelor’s, 2 master’s and 1 PhD doctoral specialties:

– 6B07106, 7M07104, 8D07102 — «Transport, transport equipment and technologies»,

– 6B11301, 7M11301 — «Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport»,

– 6В11302 — «Logistics (transport)».


According to the results of the National rating:

– specialty  «Transport, transport equipment and technology» took 1st place in doctoral studу,

– specialties «Transport, transport equipment and technology», «Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport», «Logistics (transport)» — 2nd place bachelor’s, master’s.


The faculty consists of 4 departments:

“Transport equipment and logistics systems»,

“Industrial transport” them. A. N. Daniyarov,

«Higher mathematics»,

“Kazakh language and culture”.

Educational activities are carried out by over 70 teachers, including 8 doctors of sciences, 4 PhD, 14 candidates of sciences, 8 holders of the State grant “the Best teacher of the University”.


Dear applicants and their parents!

We invite you to the specialty of transport and road faculty of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda technical University, the flagship of technical education, the order of the red banner of Labor!