Transport and Road faculty

Transport and Road Institute

In the late 50s and early 60s of last century in central Kazakhstan intensively developed Karaganda coal basin, went on a large scale industrial construction engineering, metallurgy, housing, roads, requiring improvement of regional infrastructure and transportation system.

In these circumstances, in 1965, based on the specialties, which have been prepared of Mechanical Engineers, road transport and road construction, was organized by the Automotive Department, converted in the early 70s in road transport.

The first dean was appointed an experienced operative VY Lee, who was previously head of avtoupravleniya association “Karaganda Coal”. VY Lee, PhD (1972) worked with the Dean of the Faculty (1965-1976 gg.). During this period much has been done on the staffing of the educational process, organizational formation and development of material-technical base of the faculty. Lee VJ combined chair of Road Transport (1965-1976 gg.) associate with the work of the same department.

For a long period of years 1976-1983. and 1987-1997 years., dean of the faculty was Associate Professor, PhD. tech. Science J. Aliyev, a graduate of Engineering. Expanded physical infrastructure of laboratories in the learning process is actively used computer equipment, improved training and methodological support, to establish a creative atmosphere. In 1971 he defended his Ph.D. thesis. In 2001, JA Aliyev became a professor. Since 1991, JA Aliyev heads the department of motor vehicles.

From 1983 to 1987 directed the graduate faculty KarPTI Associate Professor, PhD. tech. Science, TS Intykov. Opened branches in the production of chairs, expanded base of practice, strengthen the teaching staff of highly qualified personnel. A lot of effort and attention was paid to the improvement of the hostel and the organization of educational work with students in a dormitory. During these years the hostel number 1, in which non-resident students living THP, was among the first universities in our region, where it was student government. Intykov TS after KarPTI directed to the target graduate MADI, where the first among the graduates of motorists master’s thesis. In 1978, TS Intykov brought to the Hall of Fame, Karaganda, and in 1989 at the Hall of Fame Karaganda region. From 1987 to 1991 he headed the department of motor vehicles. From 1991 to 2000, he went into the manufacturing sector, he worked in the Ministry of Interior and National Security Committee, he retired as a lieutenant colonel. He is currently working assistant professor of motor vehicles.

Since 1997, the dean of the faculty had Ph.D. MK Ibatov. At the faculty focuses on further improving the quality of training, to strengthen links with industry, the introduction of advanced learning technologies based on a rating system, the discovery of new skills and specializations, state education standards in the field. At the university, since 1998, has been held an annual competition for the title of “Best School” in which on the basis of scientific, educational, methodological and educational work of transport and road department always takes a high place among the faculties of KSTU. MK Ibatov in 1978 entered the KarPTI, then as an A school was sent to Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (MADI), who in 1983 graduated with honors. There, he was research fellow and target postgraduate thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. From 1995 to 1997 he worked as chairman of the trade union committee of faculty and staff of the institute. C 2007 to March 2008, he served as vice-rector for academic affairs.

From 2007 to 2008 was associate dean of the faculty, Dr. Balgabekov Toleu Kunzholovich. During these years of training and educational process has reached a new level of training.

From 2008 to 2010 was dean of the faculty, Professor, Ph.D. Bestembek Erbol Serikovich.

In 2010, the department was renamed Transport and Road Institute. From 2010 to August 2011 he was director of the Institute, Professor, Ph.D. Intykov T.S.

On August 1, 2011 Director of the Institute is Prof.  k.t.n.Balgabekov Toleu Kunzholovich.

Deputy Directors are: lecturer in Industrial Vehicles Ospanov Dastan Tuleuovich and teacher of higher mathematics Zhilkibaeva Lazzat Kanatovna..

The institute in different years, continue to work well-known scientists, doctors, professors, AN Danyarov, IA Jantzen, AJ Zhumasultanov, Sh.K. Kashik, AM Aziev, DM Belenky, EI Gluzberg, H.ZH. Halmanov, ZT Akash, SK Malybaev, TN Bekenov, JM Kuanyshbaev, BB Kharchenko, AS Kadyrov, V. Georgians, Ph.D., Professor NA Aubekerov, JA Aliev, MK Ibatov, Z. Muldagaliev, ZS Grinshpun, SS Sagintayev, N. Adilbek, GG Bernardo and others whose efforts have created workable groups of departments, the results of scientific research are highly valued in academic circles in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Novosibirsk, Almaty, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, and other scientific and educational centers of the former Soviet Union.

Over the years, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of the transport team: R.M. Popovichenko, V. Chertykovtsev, P.V. Ermolenko, SS Sagintayev, MA Beliaev, J.M. Kuanyshbaev, KI Sekerbaev, I.I. Tsarev, I.A. Park, TW Sarsembayev, Sh.A. Zhetpisbayeva, Shalaev, V.S., S. Kazhikenova, Zhandybaev B.R., Ikibaeva G.K., Konirova N.A. and Bekturova B.B.

Students of the institute involved in research, participate in competitions at the highest level, take part in the WHC and participate in traditional youth music festivals.

Transport – Transport Institute over 45 years of preparing highly qualified professionals who not only heads of major enterprises in road, rail and industrial vehicles, road – construction companies, but also work successfully at all levels of management, public and commercial activities.