Seminar on “Risk management” for undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists

The foreign languages department of Karaganda state technical university has organized and held on November 9, 2018 a seminar by the foreign scientist on the subject “Risk management” for Master’s degree students, PhD students and young scientists. The seminar was held in English by professor, the director of “The center of excellence in foreign trade” of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Roxana Voicu-Dorobantu.

The seminar was held in an interactive format that has allowed participants of the seminar to ask the questions which were of interest to them during the seminar and also to get the qualified advice on business and prevention of financial risks.

Topical issue on risk management has been brought up not accidentally as it represents dynamically developing form in the field of management and also is the most important element of a corporate management system of any company that is necessary in training of research and educational personnel in the field of technical science.

Professor Roxana Voicu-Dorobantu has paid attention to a set of conditions and factors which influence an outcome of the decisions made by people, to predict action of some of them is very difficult and therefore many decisions in entrepreneurship must be made in the conditions of uncertainty. The risk is inherent practically in any sphere of human activity.

Master’s degree students, PhD students have discussed the fact that nowadays more and more attention is paid to a research, forecasting, analysis of risk. And the important ability to foresee consequences of these or those actions is just necessary for normal functioning of organizations. Therefore the lecturer focused attention of listeners at the seminar on the main methods and process of risk management.